Alice Beer fails to take to the sky in jet pack on This Morning

Alice Beer attempted to take to the skies with a jet pack on today’s episode of This Morning, but things didn’t go to plan and fans weren’t impressed.

The presenter had been sent off to Salisbury by presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to try out the new gadget ‘for no real reason’ and kicked off the show.

Before she put the gear on, Alice enthused: ‘One of my daughters used to write to the tooth fairy to be able to fly, so on behalf of Dora, I’m going to fly.’

She then added: ‘So what could possibly go wrong on live television?’

Alice was attached to a tether for the stunt and as she prepared for lift off, she explained: ‘I’ve got three jet engines strapped to my arms and I’ve got one strapped to my back.

‘Phillip, you would love this!’

However, once Alice had started up the engines, she didn’t shoot off to the stars like audiences had anticipated.

Instead, the host bounced up and down on the rope she was attached to.

Viewers called the scenes an ‘anti-climax’ and suggested that the jet pack didn’t do anything.

‘So basically the jetpack doesn’t work and Alice Beer is being swung around by a hoist…’ wrote one.

Echoing a similar sentiment, another added: ‘She’s not flying, she’s lifted her legs and is dangling on the rope.’

Gotta love the joys of live television, right?

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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