All Creatures Great And Small season 2: James left torn over leaving Darrowby for new job

All Creatures Great and Small: Season two trailer

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All Creatures Great and Small season two will air on Channel 5 on September 16 and viewers are excited for the uplifting series to return. At the start of the season, enthusiastic vet James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) is visiting his family back home in Glasgow. The star of the series opened up about the internal struggle he will face in the new series.

Fans of the family-favourite series will remember James had difficulty expressing his feelings for Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton) in the Christmas special.

She was just about to marry Hugh Hulton (Matthew Lewis) but bailed out at the last minute as she was confused over her feelings for James.

Viewers are wondering whether the pair get together in the new season, but actor Ralph said it was not that easy.

Instead, James will come across a number of hurdles in season two as he faces an internal struggle over what he really wants.

Speaking exclusively to, Ralph said: “We kick off and it’s springtime and James is actually back in Glasgow.

“He has gone home for Easter to see his parents. Whilst he has been there, he has been helping out a local vet.

“So up until this point James hasn’t really seen Helen, Helen has been keeping herself to herself after everything that happened at Christmas time.

“When you really like somebody and you have quite a profound connection with somebody, regardless of anything else, it’s that friendship.

“I think that’s quite hard when you then don’t see someone for three months. That’s quite difficult.”

James does make a return to the Dales but the actor shared an important twist.

He said: “He gets offered a job in Glasgow as well. His parents aren’t doing too well financially.

“So it’s this push and pull between the Dales and everything he loves, working under Siegfried.

“Or, this plush, lovely surgery in Glasgow, which is very much what he sees himself doing.

“Working with small animals and everything is top of the range.

“The other pull to the Dales is he found a girl he likes.”

With this in mind, James will have a difficult decision to make as he chooses between his work and his new friends.

He struggled to connect with Siegfried (Sam West) at the start of the series, but he eventually earned his respect.

The practice owner now sees James as one of his most talented colleagues, and he knows others are inspired by him too.

James clearly loves his work in the Dales, and he loves the feeling of being in a tight-knit community.

But is it really how he imagined his veterinary career to pan out?

He also has to think about how much time he is prepared to give Helen before he is forced to move on.

If the farmer’s daughter is not ready for another relationship, he may well choose to take up the new job.

Fans are hoping Helen eventually accepts her feelings for James and they end up together.

This is just one of the stumbling blocks James is expected to come across in the new season.

All Creatures Great and Small season 2 airs on Channel 5 on September 16 at 9pm.

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