Amy Duggar shows off long legs in short shorts on a walk with husband and son after slamming family's parenting style

DUGGAR rebel cousin Amy was most definitely breaking the family's strict dress code when she stepped out in short sporty shorts on Sunday. 

The 33-year-old put on a leggy display as she took her son Daxton for a walk, in his fancy new stroller trike.

Amy, who is the niece of Counting On's Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, shared a picture of her Sunday activity to her Instagram.

She captioned: "Sunday strolls! The weather is soo nice today! @bentleytrike is awesome!! Its a stroller and a tricycle all in one!! Daxxy will have fun exploring for years!!" adding the hashtag, "#thatredhairtho."

The mother-of-one revealed that she was feeling good after the walk with the trike that costs $450 to buy.

"Also! I did the entire trail without getting dizzy!! It felt so good to get up and get moving again! Nothing is stopping me now," she said.

It comes after Amy, who has long broken free of the Duggars' strict dress code, last week hit out at her famous family's method of disciplining their children using "blanket training," calling the style of parenting "abusive."

Amy – who has a risque clothing line called 3130 – posted a picture in front of a pile of toys and then another of her son, Daxton, playing on the floor on Instagram.

She captioned the post: "There is NO blanket training happening at this house!! I want my child to roam free and to feel safe doing so! I want him to explore and be curious and make messes!

"Yes, we will be right beside him every step of the way. Dill and I believe that a blanket should be used for comfort only!!!

"Children need love and acceptance and praise! They shouldn't ever be controlled. And there's a fine line between re-direction and abuse. Our child will not grow up being fearful!"

Michelle Duggar wrote about the disciplinary technique, in which parents put their babies on a blanket in the room, in her book, claiming it instills "self-control" and has been a "blessing in so many ways."

She went on: "The child quietly sits and plays with a single toy for a specified time in one place, whether on a blanket spread on the floor, in a chair next to me [Michelle] if it's during homeschool…"

Michelle never said she physically hit her children during blanket training.

Amy also shared in her stories: "Right now with Daxey, we go no no we don't do that, and he stops because he's like oh I don't know. He's learning. He's learning his surroundings.

"He's learning that he's safe and comfortable and that mommy and daddy are right there and that we love him and we're going to protect him at all costs.

"But we are totally 100 percent against blanket training, and anyone that does that to their kids, they need a new outlook. They need to change some things."

Amy recently said she's "moving on" from Counting On and is "happy" following years of estrangement from Jim Bob and Michelle.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I think we are all just trying to find our path, and we're all just doing things differently.

"I'm doing things differently and I'm happy where I'm at. I'm happy for them."

She is often in touch with her cousin Jill Duggar Dillard – whose husband Derick has openly slammed Jim Bob in the past.

"Jill and I text, not on a daily basis, but we text quite often," Amy said to ET. "And we discuss things."

Jill and Derick have distanced themselves from Jim Bob and Michelle ever since Derick told The Sun they are banned from the family compound when Jim Bob is not there.

Derick claimed Jim Bob, 54, withheld compensation from their appearances on the family’s reality show, Counting On.

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