Anne-Marie opens up on coping with panic attacks ‘Just something I deal with’

Lorraine: Anne Marie discusses suffering with panic attacks

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ITV host Ranvir Singh invited The Voice UK coach Anne Marie on to the show to chat about her new single with Little Mix. However, the conversation soon took an unexpected turn when the singer opened up her daily struggles as she admitted to suffering from panic attacks on a regular basis.

Ranvir began the interview by speaking to Anne-Marie about her new album which is aptly titled Therapy.

This led the host to ask the 2002 hitmaker about her own experience with therapy.

“You’ve had some, right?” she asked. “I’ve had some. I think it really helps you understand your own inner voice a little bit.

“It can sometimes feel like a maze in there. You’re just running around.”

“I’ve always thought that my thoughts are very extreme,” Anne-Marie explained.

“And before they come out of my mouth it’s like the worst thing I could possibly say.

“And as soon as I speak to my therapist it’s like, it’s completely normal how I feel.

“As soon as it comes out of your mouth it becomes normal, I think.”

Discussing what the album means to her, the pop star continued: “I think for everyone, music has always been there for them at some point in their life.

“For me, especially when I was a teenager, I’d run to my room listening to Christina Aguilera’s I’m Beautiful and I’d be doing that every day.

“It’s been there for me for that and also writing it, it’s very therapeutic for me because I never wrote a diary.

“Writing the lyrics was almost like me putting myself in a room and saying ‘how do I feel?’ and being able to let it out on a piece of paper.”




The 30-year-old went on to recall going to see a therapist during lockdown which helped her to write the lyrics for her new album.

“I’m in a completely different mindset to my first album,” she said. “So, I thought I’d dedicate it to that.”

Ranvir went on to ask Anne-Marie about her close friendship with Ed Sheeran, which is when the singer opened up about her daily panic attacks.

“The other day I had a panic attack and I emailed him going ‘I’m feeling okay, I just had a panic attack.’

“And he went ‘Are you okay do you need me to call?’ Honestly, he’s just incredible.”



She added: “I’ve had them for a while I think, and to be honest I think they’re getting a little bit better because of therapy.

“And I’ve been able to cope a lot more than in the past but it’s just something I deal with.”

When asked if she knew what triggered them, the singer simply replied: “No idea.

“I feel like you think in a situation when you’re panicking for a reason, you have a panic attack.

“But, for the panic attacks I have, they’re just like I am sitting at home doing nothing.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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