Anne Robinson accused of racist remark by Vanessa Feltz ahead of Countdown gig

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This Morning presenter Vanessa Feltz has alleged that The Weakest Link’s notoriously biting host Anne Robinson made a racist comment about her relationship with Ben Ofoedu.

Anne's alleged comment came when she made an appearance on the quiz show back in 2006.

The loved-up couple got engaged that year and have been together ever since.

But when Vanessa, 58, agreed to take part in the the BBC series, she wasn’t expecting Anne to reference race when talking about her relationship with the Anglo-Nigerian singer.

Vanessa claims that once the game got underway, Anne, 76, went a step too far and asked her a very inappropriate and racist question.

She recalled the host saying: "Vanessa Feltz, looking the way you do, how do you think you land all these big black boyfriends?"

"I said, 'I don’t think you will use that in the show as it’s racist and also completely inaccurate and in every way unsuitable'." Vanessa told The Mirror. "And they didn’t use it.

"I thought it was very ill-judged and they must have agreed as it wasn’t aired."

On top of that, the alleged comment was also derogatory towards Vanessa herself, and the radio host said she was left quite upset at the time.

Vanessa went on to say she thought Anne’s words were "startling", and the kind of comment she’d only expect to hear whispered in a bathroom, rather than declared on a huge TV show in front of the other players and hoards of crew members.

"I didn’t raise it with anyone afterwards as I knew from my response that it couldn’t be used," Vanessa added.

The former I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star was joined by drag act Dave Lynn on the quiz show, who has backed up Vanessa’s claims, saying he was "horrified" and "shocked" at the time. according to the publication.

While Vanessa has also spoken of the incident on her BBC Radio London Show, telling listeners she has "never chosen or been chosen by a boyfriend because of their race or ethnicity", she insists she doesn’t believe Anne should be removed from her role on Channel 4’s Countdown.

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"There is no question that some of the lines that she spoke when they were written for her, which they certainly did appear to be at the time, or whether she made them up, were deeply unkind and nasty," the entertainer told The Mirror. "I think that was then and Countdown is now.

"I don’t think one should have an effect on the other if I am honest with you. It hasn’t ruined my life," Vanessa concluded.

This week Channel 4 announced Anne would be replacing former Countdown host Nick Hewer, 77, who helmed the show for 10 years.

The channel pledged a "new and clear commitment" to being an anti-racist organisation last year.

Channel 4 and representatives for Anne have been contacted for comment.

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