Antiques Road Trip expert Irita Marriott over the moon’ with dog statue profit Wow!

Antiques Road Trip: Bronze Bulldog statue makes £190 profit

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The antiques specialist spotted the dog figure and it immediately caught her eye in a classic episode of Antiques Road Trip. Deciding to buy it for £50, she commented she hoped the others on the BBC programme didn’t think she was “barking mad”, but her hunch was proved right when the statue sold at auction for a jaw-dropping £240, giving her a profit of just under £200.

As Irita and colleague Tim Medhurst watched the auction commence, Irita asked: “Are you worried, Timothy?”

Tim appeared concerned when it was time for the auctioneer to start bidding on the bronze dog.

“Yeah I am a bit,” he admitted, adding: “a good old bronze for £50, doesn’t seem too much money.”

“Oh, I like it when you’re worried,” she joked, while the bids instantly rose to more than double what she had paid.

The auctioneer exclaimed: “Starting at £110,” at which point Irita squealed with joy.

Tim gasped as he admitted: “Oh, this is a flyer.”

As the offers continued to soar well above the £200 mark, Tim remarked: “Wow!”

He added: “I can’t believe it,” before the auctioneer announced the item had been sold for £240.

“You’re £10 off £200 on that!” Tim pointed out to Irita, who stated, beaming: “I am over the moon!”

Irita came across the statue while exploring an antiques shop in Somerset as part of the trip.

“Now then little man, I’m thinking about you,” she commented as she approached the sculpture.

She asked: “What do you reckon? Shall I take you home with me? Well not quite home but, you know.”

Speaking to the shop owner, Irita stated: “Now then, I like this doggy.

“I also like the cups and saucers. The cups and saucers didn’t actually have a price on them, what is the price?”

“The cups and saucers can be £15,” he replied as Irita inquired about the dog.

“£50,” the seller replied, and Irita didn’t have to dwell on the decision for too long.

She decided: “It is cups and saucers and a doggy, please.”

After paying, she picked up the dog and commented: “Hopefully they won’t think I’m barking mad buying this!”

Tim ended up with a total of £599.22 by the end of the trip, while Irita bagged £642.12.

“Well, it’s become a common theme for me to say, congratulations – again, for winning another auction,” Tim confessed.

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays at 3.45pm on BBC One.

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