Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles viewers ‘can’t breathe' as doctors battle to save unborn triplets

BABY Surgeons: Delivering Miracles viewers were left "sobbing" after witnessing a mother's heart-wrenching choice over surgery to help her triplets tempered with a risk of miscarriage.

The Channel 4 show documented Susie's turmoil as she was told by medics at St George's Hospital, in London, her unborn trio were at risk.

Yet they also had to break the tough news that the surgery she required could result in her miscarriage.

This was because two of Susie's triplets were identical, and sharing the same placenta.

Usually, the placenta is shared equally between all three triplets but when it is not, one baby can receive too much blood and the other too little.

This is called twin to twin transfusion syndrome, or TTTS, and requires the operation.

Professor Basky Thilaganathan, clinical director of St George's fetal medicine, neonatal and maternity units performed the surgery.

He has worked at the hospital since 1999 and said: "What we need to do is block anything that crosses the placenta.

"We shine the light which tells us where the laser is aimed and the blood inside the vessel clots immediately."

Images captured Susie on the treatment table and the laser being used to seal off the blood vessels connecting two of her unborn children.

After the tense surgery, Professor Basky performed an ultrasound four hours into Susie's recovery.

This very happily confirmed the surgery had gone well, and all her triplets were fine.

Fans took to Twitter to share their emotion, after following the operation every step of the way.

One confessed: "Sobbing here," as another put: "Wow, #BabySurgeons made me cry again! The doctors at @StGeorgesTrust
are amazing!

"Good luck to all families involved in this brilliant documentary on

One then wrote: "Wow.. no words," as another posted: "These doctors are amazing human beings."

A viewer then confessed: "“Genuinely think I held my breath throughout that surgery, heart in mouth! #BabySurgeons."

The show is billed as "giving the world's smallest patients hope."

This, understandably, comes with the sad reality not everything goes to plan.

Last month, some Baby Surgeons fans were left devastated after a mum's stillborn child was shown on screen.

Expectant mum Anne-Marie and her husband Paul had conceived triplets, but one of their babies died nine weeks into pregnancy.

Another – who they named Emily – then passed away at 27 weeks, meaning Anne-Marie had to deliver her along with her healthy sister Poppy in hugely emotional scenes.



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