‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Becca Kufrin Teases What Happened With Thomas Jacobs and Aaron Clancy

Many Bachelor in Paradise fans were floored when Becca Kufrin picked Thomas Jacobs amid the drama with Tammy Ly and Aaron Clancy in season 7. The new couple got together in the blink of an eye. Then recently, Becca explained what happened with Thomas and how the former bachelorette really ended things with Aaron on Bachelor in Paradise 2021.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Becca Kufrin, Thomas Jacobs, Tammy Ly, Aaron Clancy, and Chelsea Vaughn in Bachelor in Paradise 2021.]

The Becca Kufrin, Thomas Jacobs, Tammy Ly, Aaron Clancy, and Chelsea Vaughn situation on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7

Aaron and Tammy hit it off in the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 premiere. But when Thomas arrived on the beach, Tammy explored her options. Then Tammy gave her rose to the newcomer, leaving Aaron behind. 

Meanwhile, Becca returned to the franchise midway through the season and sparked something with Aaron. But Aaron eventually went on a one-on-one date with Chelsea Vaughn, who arrived at the VIP party in episode 7.

Later, Becca received a date card, and she decided to pick Thomas because they spent time together during the VIP party. The couple hit it off, and they kissed. That said, the Becca-Thomas match caused Tammy to break down. Aaron also seemed displeased with the new couple, but he was more interested in the damage it did to Tammy. 

Becca Kufrin on her connection with Thomas Jacobs in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021

After the dust settled, many Bachelor in Paradise fans were confused by Thomas and Becca’s relationship in season 7. The show didn’t exactly explain why Becca moved from Aaron to Thomas. Then in the Sept. 8 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Becca shared why she picked Thomas.

“Watching it back, it was very much out of the blue. So I wanna clear the air here,” Becca said. “Thomas and I were actually at the VIP party the night before our actual date. There was so much drama going on that night, and I’m just not a drama person.”

She continued, “Him and I just sat and talked for, like, 30 minutes in the corner. We drank champagne, and we ate pizza. We formed some sort of connection and conversation that night. So it wasn’t just out of the blue.”

Becca Kufrin teases a fight with Aaron Clancy that ‘BIP’ didn’t air

Still speaking on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Becca shut down rumors that she dated Thomas because she wanted to “stir the pot” with Aaron. 

“I know that there’s speculation out there that I picked [Thomas] simply because him and Aaron had some beef, and that it would stir the pot,” she said. “That is not the case.”

That said, Becca confirmed that she was the one who fought with Aaron during Bachelor in Paradise

“I will say, Aaron and I did get into a little bit of an argument at that same party, and I was just kind of over it,” Becca said. “That’s why I ended up picking Thomas for the date. If nothing else, I feel like it would’ve been a good, lighthearted conversation.”

Now, it seems Becca and Thomas are starting to get serious on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. But Thomas still has to tell Tammy about his date with Becca in the next episode. So stay tuned. There’s plenty of romance and heartbreak ahead.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Tuesdays on ABC.

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