Beat The Chasers viewers LIVID as Bradley Walsh ends show in worst possible way

BEAT The Chasers viewers were raging as Bradley Walsh ended the ITV show with a massive cliff hanger.

Quizzing fans were not impressed when the host wrapped up Tuesday night's episode in the worst possible way.

Contestant Malcolm had been offered a massive £100,000 to take on all five Chasers – only for Bradley to wrap things up and the credits start to roll.

Weighing up the situation Bradley, 60, told Malcolm: "If you want to take home £5,000 that you got in the cash builder, you get to take on two Chasers automatically…

"And those two Chasers are; The Vixen and The Menace. Ok Darragh, time advantage please – what we got?”

To which Darragh 'The Menance' Ennis responded: "We want 40 seconds on our clock."

Chaser Shaun 'The Destroyer' Wallace went on to offer 44 seconds on their clock for £25,000.

"Ok, so you’ve got 16 seconds there to play with now for £25,000," explained Bradley as he introduced the fourth Chaser.

Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty then stated: "We want 46 seconds on our clock and you’ll be playing for £50,000."

But when it came to Mark 'The Beast' Labbett, the fifth and final Chaser, he decided to amp up the offer.

"Well, Malcolm, I’ve got a lovely offer for you," said Mark.

"I don’t want 50 seconds on our clock, I don’t want 48 seconds on our clock, I want 45 seconds on our clock and you’ll be playing for £100,000.

"I really want to play him."

Bradley mulled: "So he’s giving you a second back. You’ve now got 15 second time advantage for £100,000.

"What do you think?"

Malcolm replied: "If I ignore the £5,000, it would make no sense but to take anything else than the 45 – wouldn’t it? "

"45 for £100,000? But if you want to get away with some money, this is a strategic move," debated the presenter.

But Malcolm said confidently: "No, it’s got to be £100,000 at 45 seconds, one second difference."

Logging in his decision, Bradley said: "Ok here we go, you’ve got a 15-second time advantage, you’re taking on a full house of Chaser."

Then turning to the camera, he added: "So, can Malcolm take home £100,000?

"He’s not out of time yet but sadly, we are, we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if Malcolm can beat the fabulous five."

Enraged viewers quickly headed to Twitter to vent their frustration at the way Bradley ended rthe shpow.

One wrote: "How they gonna leave us with a Malcolm cliffhanger though?!

"I kinda need to know if he wins #BeatTheChasers #ITV".

Another raged: "No No Nooo omg you can’t leave it on a cliff hanger!!!
@TheShaunWallace @MarkLabbett @anne_hegerty #BeatTheChasers".

"F*** OFF WITH THE CLIFFHANGERS!! #BeatTheChasers," said one unimpressed viewer.

A fourth commented: "Omg i can't believe you have to leave it like that….. sitting on the edge of my seat until tomorrows episode !!! Go malcolm!! #BeatTheChasers".

Beat The Chasers continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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