BGT comedian received 'horrible' news day before winning semi-final

Britain’s Got Talent comedian Nabil Abdulrashid has told how he received some ‘horrible’ news the day before his semi-final audition.

The comedian, who wowed the judges with his hilarious act, was chosen to go through to the final, which will air this Saturday night.

Although, unbeknown to BGT fans and the judges, despite putting on a brave face, Nabil revealed that he had never felt so sad on stage.

In an Instagram video, Nabil shared the news with his followers.

‘My victory was emotional, this (the semi-final) was recorded and the day before, some stuff had happened,’ he began,

‘Some really horrible stuff and I got some news about… I can’t say what it was but it’s the second-worst thing you could possibly hear, and it happened to my family.’

He added: ‘I went on stage and I smiled and worked through it but, I don’t think I have ever been so sad in my life on stage, but I just had to get the job done.

‘And like I said, no sob stories and I went on there and delivered.’

Following Nabil’s audition, TV watchdog Ofcom confirmed to that they had received 733 complaints about the comedian’s performance.

And despite received criticism online, Nabil blasted online trolls who told him his performance was in ‘poor taste’ and ‘not funny’.

One fan, who wasn’t impressed by his audition told him: ‘My family have experienced racism and tbh I found your act to be in very poor taste. I honestly did not find it funny.’

To which Nabil simply replied with a picture of a snowflake along with the caption: ‘Winter here already?’

Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday 8pm on ITV.

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