Black Mirror return date leaks from deleted Netflix tweet

We might finally get some more Black Mirror this month.

Netflix reportedly tweeted a premiere date for a single episode of the acclaimed anthology drama from an official account, then quickly deleted it.

The date: Friday,  Dec. 28. The timing lines up last year’s season 4 release date — those episodes were released on the last Friday of 2017.

The new episode’s title: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The Bandersnatch is a creature in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. But TV Guide points out that word might relate a 1984 computer game — and that such a game was previously referenced during Black Mirror‘s season 3 episode “Playtest”:

None of this, to be sure, is confirmed by Netflix, which has maintained radio silence on future Black Mirror episodes, and in true Black Mirror fashion the leak only raises additional questions — like, does this mean we’re only getting a single episode in 2018, and not a full season?

Black Mirror

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