Black Narcissus viewers switch off as they slam 'boring' drama where 'nothing has happened'

BLACK Narcissus viewers have switched off as they slam the 'boring' drama where 'nothing has happened'.

The three-part series follows Sister Clodagh (Gemma Arterton), a nun leading a group of Sisters through the Himalayan mountains to set up a new convent at a mysterious former palace.

However, after two one-hour episodes, many viewers became bored as they felt very little had happened to make it worth watching.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: "I've been watching Black Narcissus on BBC1. I saw the original film a few years ago, which was smouldering and gripping.

"How, I wonder, have they managed to make the current version so slow and so boring!"

Another added: "DOES anyone actually like #BlackNarcissus ?? ive gave up already."

A third tweeted: "When it's half-way through episode 2 and you're still wondering when it's going to start, you know it's no good. It's just too b****y ponderous for words."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "Is #BlackNarcissus ever going to develop an actual plot? I mean it has the acting talent and it certainly has the atmosphere but nothing happens."

One of the few things that did happen was Sister Clodagh finding herself attracted to a man who helps out at the new convent, Mr. Dean, causing her to struggle with her desires.

As she went about her business at the convent, she had flashbacks to her life before she became a nun, including a steamy liaison with a mystery man.

After seeing Mr Dean topless following his own romp with a local woman, Sister Clodagh thought back to a summer day when she stripped naked and had sex with her lover.

She was then seen in the present day giving herself a beating across her back as punishment for having such sinful thoughts.

However, the scene wasn't enough to make the show more interesting to viewers who had branded the first episode "dull".

Black Narcissus concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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