Borat 2 stunt double relives 'terrifying' encounter with Secret Service

Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, with stunt double Kate Cochran

Kate’s stunt double CV

Kate is pretty much self-taught (Picture: Kate Cochran)

  • Kate started out in stunts by teaching herself gymnastics, managing to train in an ‘old circus guy’s backyard’, where he had equipment like trapezes and trampolines.
  • Before Borat, she mostly worked on TV shows, including Westworld, American Horror Story, Modern Family, and Lucifer.
  • She’s now been in stunts for more than five years, with John Krasinksi’s A Quiet Place 2 being one of her upcoming releases.

What was the scariest stunt on the set of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm?

Was there any danger of getting in serious trouble?

What was the preparation like for stunts like?

What was it like working with Sacha?

Was anything cut from the film?

How does it feel seeing the film nominated at the Oscars?

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