Brandon Flynn's Handsome Face Is Lethal in First Look at His New Movie Looks That Kill

"I'll be more pressed to be around people constantly and more pressed to like fulfill different parts of my job that required me to be not alone. So I'm trying to relish the sort of solitude experience I'm having."

If there's one thing Flynn has learned while social distancing at home, it's "routine," he says.

"[It's] kind of become a new skill for me," Flynn says. "I'm so used to being on someone else's schedule and just getting up and sort of tackling the day in someone else's prescribed way. Now I kind of have to develop this personal skill of what my own routine looks like."

A part of his new routine is "meditation," which he says has "become a really big asset and tool" to help him "pause and have more of an intention throughout the day."

The American High produced film (Big Time Adolescence, Banana Split) also stars Ki Hong Lee, Annie Mumolo, Lindsay Mushett, Priscilla Lopez and Tom Proctor.

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