Brit Eurovision entry vows to FIGHT BACK if protestors storm the stage

The incident was so traumatic she has since been diagnosed with PTSD.

In an interview with the Daily Star Sunday last month, she said: “I was composed on stage. But once I was off stage the emotions really hit – the shock, the fear, the confusion, the anger. I had a very physical reaction. I was livid.

“It was quite a traumatic thing to go through. Everything is always so heightened at Eurovision, even when things go smoothly. So when they don’t go smoothly, something like that can have a huge impact. And that impact lasted for a little while after. I kept thinking everything was fine. But I wasn’t fine. I was getting quite emotional at gigs.”

She continued: “It affected my everyday life. When people approached me, I found it quite worrying.

“And I wasn’t sleeping very well. I was diagnosed with PTSD. When the doctor said that I thought, ‘Come on, it’s Eurovision – this isn’t a war zone’.

But he explained that what happened to me was so abnormal that it had really affected me.”

Eurovision is tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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