Cardi B cries as she eats cereal in isolation, complaining she ‘should be in a restaurant eating sushi right’ – The Sun

CARDI B cried while she ate cereal in isolation, complaining she "should be eating sushi."

The singer was not taking social-distancing well since residents were ordered earlier this month to stay at home due to coronavirus.

In the video, the 27-year-old musician said: "Like I shouldn't be eating cereal.
"Like I should be in a restaurant eating sushi.
"Like, why are we going through this? I don't understand it."

The rapper donned red hair and pigtails as she sobbed over her cereal.

Cardi hasn't been taking the coronavirus pandemic lightly.

Earlier this week, she launched a furious attack on the US government.

She asked: "How the f***" she was meant to know if she'd caught the deadly bug in yet another tirade on her Instagram Stories.

She fumed: "Are y'all spraying s**t in the street, are y'all gonna one by one take our temperature to see if we got it?

"How am I supposed to know that I have the coronavirus?"

Cardi said she became angry after watching a YouTube video about what the Chinese city of Wuhan has done to battle the virus.

She claimed: "When they put Wuhan, China, in quarantine… they were spraying s*** in the streets.

"They were knocking on each door taking people's temperature.""

The mom-of-one then ranted about the uncertainty surrounding the virus' symptoms.

She said: "Let's say that I have the coronavirus right now, ok? How am I supposed to know I got it!? Because sometimes I be like 'if you have a cough you have it.'"

Cardi questioned: "So, how the f*** am I supposed to know when I am supposed to, like, get tested for it?

"That's my problem right there. Y'all ain't really saying what it is! Tell me what it is and what it ain't."

Cardi was quick to let her fans know she was "losing her mind" while self-isolating.

The Grammy winner said on Instagram Live: "I need to know what's going on.

"If you work at the f***ing Pentagon, let a b**** know, because I need to f***ing know."

She has been in quarantine this week with her husband Offset and their daughter Kulture.

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