Casualty fans beg Jacob to leave Tina as horrific abuse storyline unfolds

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BBC hospital drama Casualty took a turn for the worse on Saturday night, after Jacob Masters continued to battle with his partner Tina Mollett's horrifying abuse.

Jacob has been suffering in silence for quite some time now, as his girlfriend has physically, mentally and verbally abused him behind closed doors.

But as the episode unfolded viewers at home begged Jacob to leave his remorseless partner.

Taking to Twitter, Casualty fans aired their opinions.

One fan exclaimed: "Jacob needs to get away from Tina!!!"

Another viewer aired their concerns and said: "Come on Jacob, bin her!"

A third heartbroken viewer questioned: "When will Jacob ditch the nutjob?"

On Saturday night's episode, Tina threw Jacob's late mother's jewellery in the bin.

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In the distressing scene, Jacob informed Tina that the jewellery was the last item of clothing that he had of his mother's.

Though Tina was apologetic, she was also rather nonchalant to Jacob's anguish and told him that she had got rid of the items ages ago.

Fans at home were clearly not happy with Tina's admission and wrote their concerns on Twitter once again.

"No matter how worthless his mother's jewellery was. That piece of jewellery was the last thing Jacob has of his mother so it would mean something to him. Tina's taken that away from him," one fan said.

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While another viewer expressed their sadness with the upsetting storyline and expressed: "I am really struggling tonight.

"I have lived through a relationship like that. I am free of it now, but my god watching is bringing it all back.

"Just goes to show how damn good the acting is. Well done Tina and Jacob. Please get help if it is making you feel uneasy."

Last month, actor Charles Venn who plays Jacob in the hospital drama explained that Tina's abuse story line will most likely continue for a long time.

Talking on ITV's This Morning, the actor said: "This storyline, it’ll be running for a few months I think. Suffice to say, that’s my suspicion.

"If we’re going to do it justice and really tell how coercive control and abusive relationships actually take their course, it’s not an overnight thing."

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