Come Dine With Me contestant finally explains why he shoved whisk in his mouth

You may not know DJ Kev Riley by name but you’ll certainly remember the image of him shoving an entire whisk in his mouth on a golden episode of Come Dine With Me.

Now easily one of the most recognisable contestants from the Channel 4 series has revealed why he popped the utensil in his mouth while cooking a cheesecake for four unsuspecting guests unaware of the tricks he was performing while making their pud.

On the episode, Kev’s cheesecake required a layer of white chocolate and another of milk chocolate and while mixing up the ingredients, like any reasonable chef, he couldn’t resist tasting his concoction and grabbed the whisk he’d been using and shoved it in his mouth.

It was quite the moment, up there with the likes of ‘what a sad little life you lead, Jane’ and one scene Come Dine With Me fans come back to time and time again, asking: why?

Well, Kev has thankfully explained all.

Speaking on the Curios Cast podcast, Kev looked back at the episode filmed in 2012, the year his daughter was born.

Asked what inspired him to deep-throat a whisk, Kev said: ‘Do you know what? Loads of people ask me that, and I don’t suppose I know the answer.’

‘It was just something I did to make her [the producer] laugh really.

‘And I knew at the time that I did it – because they all absolutely wet themselves laughing – I thought, “That’s definitely gonna be in the show.”’

He wasn’t wrong. Not only did it appear on the show, barely a day has gone by where someone hasn’t shared the image on social media, created a new meme, or watched in shock as the moment was repeated on Channel 4.

it seems like it never dies

‘And then when it was on, it wasn’t something that everyone was talking about, but it was a couple of years later, the first time it got shared, and then a couple of years after that, and then it seems like it never dies,’ he continued.

It’s a strange thing – just when I think it’s done now, I don’t think anyone’s shared it for a bit, then all of a sudden Lindt the chocolate company will have shared it, or Lee Evans shared it once, then there’s some bloke that goes in the Capitol building in Washington that looks like me.

‘It seems whatever the news is at the time, it gets applied to that and re-shared.’

Despite being shared endlessly, and the moment being viewed on YouTube over 100 million times, DJ Kev admitted he’s ‘disappointed’ not to have made a dime from it.

‘And then there’s people who have sold T-shirts, merchandise, people have sent me WhatsApp messages where their missus has bought them a Valentine’s card with it on,’ he sighed.

‘It’s gone crazy but I’ve never made a penny out of it. I don’t think Channel 4 have really, or Come Dine With Me.’

‘It’s just been a meme that’s circulated really.’

Come Dine With Me is available to stream on All 4. Watch Kev’s full interview on the Curios Cast podcast here.

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