Coronation Street hit with Ofcom complaints after controversial Corey ruling

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Coronation Street has been slapped with 137 Ofcom complaints following its controversial Corey Brent verdict last week.

The broadcast regulator, Ofcom, faced a wave of complaints from ITV viewers in the past week after they saw the outcome of Corey and Kelly Neelan's murder trial which aired on Friday (10 September).

Ofcom has since confirmed that that the majority of the 137 complaints related to the outcome of Corey and Kelly's trial.

Corey and Kelly were on trial for the murder of Seb Franklin, and Corey had previously tried to frame Kelly for the killing whilst protesting he was innocent.

Many fans had wanted to see justice for Seb Franklin after he was brutally killed by Corey along with his gang members.

However, justice was not served in the tense episode and Corey ended up walking away from court as a free man after he was found not guilty by the jury.

Seb's girlfriend, Nina Lucas, had even managed to remember it was Corey who killed her boyfriend after she retraced her steps and recalled the tragic attack.

Seb's mum Abi had been fighting for her son's justice but was left in shock when she heard the verdict read out in court.

Kelly broke down in tears as the judge handed her a guilty verdict.

The judge said: "Can I ask you Madam Foreman have you reached a verdict upon which you are all agreed?"

Madam replied: "We have".

"On the count of murder contained in count one, do you find the defendant Kelly Neelan guilty or not guilty?", asked the judge.

Abi had received a text revealing that Kelly had been found guilty.

However, Corey got off scot-free as he could be seen bragging to his father about being found not guilty.

Celebrating, Corey said: "Come on. Dad, what was she was going to say, it was like a game show or something.

"And the winner is… you should have seen your face.”

His dad replied: "Let’s just keep a lid on it until we are outside, okay?"

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