Coronation Street spoilers: Beth Tinker attacks Bethany Platt after Daniel Osbourne proposes to her

BETH Tinker lashes out at Bethany Platt for airbrushing Sinead from their lives in Coronation Street next week after Daniel Osbourne proposes to her using Sinead’s ring.

Beth was left fuming when Daniel and Bethany got cosy while her late niece Sinead's corpse was still warm.

Corrie viewers will remember the heart-breaking scenes when Daniel shared a kiss with Bethany as Sinead lay on her deathbed.

Not long after she lost her battle with cancer, he struck up a relationship with Bethany – much to Beth’s dismay.

Corrie fans already know that Beth is set to have an outburst in the Rovers this week as she bursts into Sarah’s hen party to accuse Bethany of luring Daniel out of Weatherfield.

In an upcoming episode next week, Beth is riled further when Daniel packs up Sinead’s things into bin bags and drops them on Beth and Kirk’s doorstep.

When Bethany attends Sarah’s wedding, a bitter Beth takes the opportunity to have another go at Bethany, congratulating her on successfully erasing all traces of Sinead from their lives.

Craig warns Bethany that Daniel is a car crash waiting to happen and that she’ll end up getting hurt.

Bethany is quick to brush off his words of warning.

But when Daniel delivers his best man’s speech but as he quotes from a letter written by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, he’s overwhelmed by the words and breaks down.

Bethany listens and fears that Sarah may have been right after all – Daniel is still in love with Sinead after all.

Later in the week, Sarah tries to convince Bethany that she should move on from Daniel.

But when Adam goes to speak to Daniel in the Rovers, he’s stunned when Daniel tells him he’s going to prove that he loves Bethany by proposing to her.

Before he can persuade Daniel otherwise, he runs out onto the street and shouts up to the salon flat.

Bethany and Sarah appear at the open window in awe.

Pulling out Sinead’s wedding ring, Daniel gets down on one knee and asks Bethany to marry him.

Later in the week, Bethany makes the decision to leave Weatherfield alone.

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