Coronation Street spoilers: Ken Barlow finds proof that Still Waters has been ripping him off

KEN Barlow finds evidence proving that Still Waters’ resident Charles Lake is scamming all the pensioners.

While Charles is distracted fencing with Ken, nosy Norris rifles through his stuff and finds the retirement home’s rule book.

Coronation Street viewers know that not all is as it first seemed at Ken’s new luxury retirement home Still Waters

Norris appeared on the cobbles to warn Ken that fellow resident Charles is ripping off all the pensioners in the care home, and that he needed Ken’s help to put an end to the saga. 

So far Charles has managed to worm his way out of difficult questions, but it looks like the tide is about to turn in upcoming scenes when Norris finds hard evidence of his scams. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Ken and Claudia throw a drinks party at Still Waters as they try to get the residents on their side instead of Charles’s. 

But they’re gutted when nobody shows up to the do and infuriated when they find Charles entertaining the residents in the bar. 

Realising Charles has the residents wrapped around his little finger, they’re left scratching their heads over what to do next. 

Later in the week, it all kicks off when Charles challenges Ken to a fencing match which proud Ken, of course, accepts. 

Charles then thrashes Ken and with a smug smile suggests they do it again next week.

Ken keeps calm but is secretly fuming. 

Norris then reveals that while they were jousting he rifled through Charles’s sports bag and found the care home rule book – which Charles had denied being in possession of. 

As Ken, Claudia and Norris peruse the pages, they realise they were right all along – Charles is ripping off the residents. 

But now that they have evidence for his crimes, what are they going to do with it?

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