Corrie’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson teases huge character return amid Daisy twist

Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson has hinted at the return of an iconic character to woo Daisy Midgeley after her split from Daniel Osbourne.

Daisy was left devastated when Daniel assumed she was the one to inform the school about Nicky Wheatley’s sex worker past – when really Max Turner was behind it.

But now a new fling could be on the cards, as Kimberly was quizzed on how she wants Nicky and Daniel to interact in the future.

Though she went ahead with shooting her shot last week and was rejected, new romance could still be on the cards – especially if Daisy finds someone else.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Kimberly admitted the “ideal situation” for Nicky would be for her character to try and reunite Daisy with an ex flame.

She giggled: “She’d try and call Ashley to come back in, the footballer, see if she gets with him!

“With Daisy I think she can negotiate that. Nicky’s a feisty woman, she’ll be sound and she’ll want Daisy to find love. She won’t wish her any hard feelings.”

She then joked: “Nicky might not go to the pub for a bit, but that’ll soon pass because I think everyone needs to go to the pub. She’ll be at the Bistro for a bit, I reckon!

“It can work out, crazier things have happened on the street. I think Nicky and Daisy will be fine, they’ll work it out eventually.

“But I people can’t move on until they find the next person sometimes, and I believe that would be the same for Daisy.”

Ashley Hardcastle, played by Lamin Touray, last appeared in the soap in April, when it was revealed he had spent the night with Nicky in a business capacity, and finally confessed to knowing her by the name ‘Tiffany Bluenights’ to Daisy.

Before that, the Weatherfield County striker had a brief fling with Daisy in November 2021, while Daisy was still keeping her relationship with Daniel on the down-low.

They didn’t exactly get on swimmingly, as Ashley failed to get any of Daisy’s jokes and continually boasted about his footballer’s salary.

Away from the soap, actor Lamin has been in various other projects – from TV classic All Creatures Great and Small to a radio production of About A Boy.

But could he make a return for good?

Elsewhere, Kimberly was quick to insist that her character Nicky didn’t confess her feelings to Daniel on a whim, explaining: “Though she respects Daniel and Daisy’s situation we can all tell it’s pretty fragile and frosty.

“So why not just shoot your shot, because this looks crazy what’s going on over there!

“Nicky is sat with him in this home and it flows, the routine flows, it feels nice. Maisie’s happy, she’s around a kid and she’s enjoying it, and Nicky’s like, ‘maybe this could work!’”

And her ideal life for Nicky would be to “stay in Daniel’s flat, make a go of it, live happily ever after”.

“She’d maybe try and get back into teaching in some capacity, or figure out what it is she’s going to make a move of next, but whatever it is it has to be a million miles away from what she’s just come from, so that’s her goal.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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