Denise Welch looks radiant nine years after giving up booze as she reveals before and after pictures

DENISE Welch has celebrated nine years of sobriety with an amazing before and after snap – and the difference is mind blowing.

The Loose Women presenter, 62, shared the pictures with followers on Instagram and opened up about her addiction with alcohol.

To mark Alcohol Awareness Week, Denise accompanied the post with an honest caption where she revealed how drinking booze affected her both mentally and physically.

She told fans: "This week is Alcohol Awareness Week. I had my last drink in April 2012. Next year I’ll have been sober for 9 yrs.

"Apart from my children it is the thing I am most proud of. Not only for myself but for the people who love me.

"This photo was taken leaving the same event last year and when I was drinking.

"But worse than what it was doing to me physically was what it was doing to me mentally.

"Anxiety, paranoia, anger, fear, depression, shame, you name it. Sobriety has given me my life back and allowed me to deal with life’s constant challenges in a clear headed, balanced way."

She went on to explain that her husband of seven years, Lincoln Townley, not touching a drop of the stuff has helped her in so many ways.

Denise continued: "My marriage is wonderful and I nurture it and look after it in ways alcohol doesn’t allow you to. My husband being sober also is the anchor to my life.

"I know this is the most difficult year in so many ways and the temptation to drink is greater than ever.

"But honestly, if alcohol is no longer a fun way to spend time with friends and have a laugh, if it’s hurting your relationships with the people you love…

"If you have awful rows with your partner that neither of you can remember, if you have anger directed at those who point out you may have a problem… probably have one."

The Coronation Street actress, who has recently joined the cast of Channel 4's Hollyoaks as Nikki Sanderon's on-screen mum, became so dependant on drink that it nearly ruined her marriage.

Denise and her former PR manager, 47, tied the knot in 2013 after revealing that she had split with ex husband Tim Healy, 68, – the father to her two kids Matthew, 31, and Louis – in 2012.

With the help of Corrie co-star Kevin Kennedy, the Waterloo Road star attended Alcoholics Anonymous and the rest is history.

In 2010, she bared all in her autobiography, Pulling Myself Together, where she openly spoke out about her problem with booze, drugs and battle with depression.

The presenter went on to plead with fans that if they think they have a problem, they should get some help.

She added: "It’s never to late to stop. You don’t stop being funny. You weren’t a lot of the time you just thought you were.

"You don’t lose confidence you gain it as you reclaim your self esteem.

"Nights out are still fun you just leave early, with your car and get home in time for a cuppa and a crumpet and 3 hrs to watch crap telly before bed!

"I’m not being the drink police believe me but I increasingly have people asking me about getting sober. It’s hard.

"But it’s worth it. And no sober person wishes they’d never stopped.

"'I’d rather go through life sober believing I am an alcoholic than go through life drunk believing I’m not'."

Friends of Denise showed their love and support to the star in the comments section as she came close to celebrating nine years of sobriety.

Fellow Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalla wrote: "You are a warrior . Sending so much love x."

Corrie star Ryan Thomas said: "Massive achievement."

Meanwhile her followers couldn't have been prouder of her achievement.

One wrote: "🙌 ❤️ this….. over 30 years sober myself xxx big hugs."

Another said: "Well done proud of you I went teetotal 7 years ago and I haven't touched a drop since ❤️❤️❤️."

A third added: "🌈🌈🌈 Brilliant. Recovery is a gift and as much as it hurts its worth it x."


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