Dick Strawbridge shares Escape to the Chateau ‘first’ with wife Angel Adoree

Escape to the Chateau: Angel makes her own tiles in series one

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In a recent episode of The Salon, Escape to the Chateau stars Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree were up in the Tresorie, Angel’s favourite and personal place in the castle. Together they were hosting ‘An Evening With’, showing fans a few of their most precious possessions. But to kick things off they poured themselves a drink, something which is not usually allowed in the Tresorie. 

“Hello!” they both greeted and Dick said: “This is a first by the way – not that I’m up in the Tresorie – but there’s gin in the Tresorie. 

“This is a first that we’ve had an alcoholic beverage,” Angel added. “We are up here, celebrating the fact you are with us!

“Sorry I didn’t bring a spoon, we’re not going down 93 steps to get you one!” 

“That’s why I just threw it in right away, I wasn’t going to say anything, I was just going to get on with it,” Dick remarked and his wife commented: “We do like a couple of other things apart from gin.” 

“It’s a lovely evening, the sun is shining,” Dick said and Angel reiterated: “It is a lovely evening and the sun is shining, we’re getting into that golden hour moment.” 

They then moved onto looking around the attic room and reminiscing about the items they had kept. 

“If the kids do a picture and they love it, they go and tell me to put it up in this room which I think is really sweet,” Angel admitted. “So I have got a box of things to put up. 

“This is Joan, this the doll that has been in this family, your [Dick] family, for quite a while. This is the doll we first bought Dorothy,” she continued showcasing a trio of old dolls.

“Imagine having that in the corner of your room as a child looking out, Arthur and Dorothy get freaked when they come up here never mind having it in their bedroom!” Dick laughed. 

“Dorothy… it soon went upstairs as being the weird doll,” Angel added. “When I was collecting vintage stuff, I did pick up these [shoes].” 

“And do they fit you?” her husband asked and she replied: “No, they never fit me but I just love them so much.” 

“It’s a girl thing, they’re so lovely but they’re no use,” Dick commented. 

Moving on, Angel noticed a box of the same items, she told fans: “Gosh I remember picking these up, a bag of these for about £20 in a boot sale… there’s lots of them, but they’re little [British flags]…Coronation car flags.  I just think they’re… so important. But to be honest, this whole shelf is little trinkets of things I love and used at the Vintage Patisserie.” 

“You would still buy things to put up here! You would still buy more to put it up here if you found something you liked,” Dick said. 

Angel noticed a few more larger flags and asked Dick: “Do you remember the guy down in Spitalfields where I bought lots and lots of the old flags from?” 

But he was too busy pointing at the books on the cabinet: “There’s books, one two and three, I met you when you were doing that one… and which one did you spell my name wrong?” 

“The second one I spelt your name wrong,” Angel admitted and he joked: “It’s a love thing, spelt my name wrong.” 

“I don’t know why, but I must’ve been writing my thank yous late and night and I put Dick… I think I forgot the B,” she explained. “Sorry. But the time the third book happened, you got a dedication at the front!” 

“Because I helped with the recipes, that’s why I got a dedication!” Dick remarked. “Sweets are very technical and the sweets we worked together, which one were you writing when you had been induced for Arthur and you were frantically typing to get the book finished… in the room!” 

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“I was trying to get as much written…” Angel said. “It was actually in the hospital room and we kept calling it a hotel room. We did get quite a lot finished.” 

Those watching saw her point to the clothes rail: “This is your waistcoat from our wedding day, I just love having it up here. But it was a tweed that was the end of the roll and you got your whole suit made and Arthur got a little suit as well.” 

An old Vintage Patisserie apron caught Angel’s eye: “Oh my God, flashback!” 

To conclude the video, Angel spoke about an item that belonged to her father: “This my dad’s tie, this is why it’s Tresorie. He’s had that from the 60s and I loved it so I have it up here.” 

She also shared something which took her back a few decades to living and working in London.

Angel revealed: “My scissors that I bought and I was, when I was doing tailoring when I was renting in Mile End, I paid £87 a week in rent and these were £32 and it was a lot of money and I didn’t have a lot of money. 

“They are just tailoring scissors but they just meant a lot to me and it felt like I really invested in my future at that point. I know they’re lovely but they mean something to me.” 

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on 4oD now and The Salon is available to sign up here. 

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