Did Prince Charles EVER love Diana? Real life vs The Crown – fact checked

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Season four of The Crown spans the years 1977 until 1990. Prince Charles (played by Josh O’Connor) and Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) wed in July 1981 and divorced in 1995. The Crown portrays their whirlwind romance and subsequent breakdown of their marriage. But what many fans are asking is if Charles ever loved Diana? Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Did Prince Charles EVER love Princess Diana?

The Crown, created by playwright Peter Morgan, is set against the backdrop of a real historical timeline and events.

However, Morgan has used blended historical fact with fiction to tell the story of the British Royal Family.

He said: “We do our very, very best to get it right, but sometimes I have to conflate [incidents].

“You sometimes have to forsake accuracy, but you must never forsake the truth.”

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But royal expert Marlene Koenig disagreed as she exclusively gave her thoughts on the show’s accuracy to Express.co.uk.

She said: “No, it is a fictionalized account of living and dead people.”

In the series, there are moments where both Charles and Diana look happily married. And the same could be said from their real lives.

They had two children together, Prince William in June 1982 and Prince Harry in September 1984.

But cracks had already begun to show early on in their relationship. In fact, as early as their engagement announcement.

When one journalist told the couple they looked very much in love after announcing their engagement, Diana was quick to say “of course” the couple were in love.

But Charles was not so forthcoming. The Prince of Wales could only laugh awkwardly, adding: “Whatever in love means”.

In the late 1980s, Charles’s marriage to Diana began to break down, with extra-marital affairs occurring on both sides.

Charles had resumed his relationship with his former girlfriend Camilla (Emerald Fennell) and Diana with Major James Hewitt.

The Crown seems to suggest Charles only ever loved Camilla Shand, later Parker Bowles and currently the Duchess of Cornwall.

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The pair has courted for 18-months, but their relationship came to an end shortly after Charles travelled overseas to join the Royal Navy.

Upon his return, Charles and Camilla did not rekindle their relationship and in July 1973, Camilla married British Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles (Andrew Buchan).

There are many different statements and theories, pinpointing the real reason Charles and Camilla were not allowed to be together.

In The Crown season three, the Royal Family are portrayed as playing a major role in splitting the couple up and preventing their marriage but it is unknown if this is the case.

In The Crown season three version of events, Charles was separated from Camilla and sent overseas, organised by Lord Mountbatten (Charles Dance), the Queen Mother (Marion Bailey) and Camilla’s parents.

But they couldn’t keep the couple apart forever.

In a televised interview with Jonathan Dimbleby on 29 June 1994, Charles confirmed he had an extramarital affair with Camilla in 1986 after his marriage to Diana had “irretrievably broken down.”

Diana also once famously said in the same interview: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded” referring to Camilla and Charles’ relationship.

In December 1992, British Prime Minister John Major announced Diana and Charles formal separation in Parliament and on August 26, 1996, Charles and Diana officially divorced.

Charles and Camilla married in April 2005, in a civil marriage at Windsor Guildhall, which was followed by a televised Anglican blessing at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

While it can never be said for certain whether Prince Charles loved Princess Diana, it can surely be concluded that it was Camilla he was destined to be with.

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