Does Dirty John season 2 have a release date yet and has the plot been revealed?

The true story has proved a big hit for Netflix and follows Debra Newell's life as it unravels when she falls for the lies and manipulation of con man John Meehan – here's the lowdown.

Does Dirty John season 2 have a release date yet?

The american drama is based on a podcast, which focuses on the life of sociopath and con artist John Meehan, nicknamed 'Dirty John' by his friends.

The first season of popular programme ends in some gruesome consequences after the series unravels the romance between John (Eric Bana). and Debra (Connie Britton).

Now show bosses have ordered a second season.

Netflix are yet to reveal a release date.

Has the plot for Dirty John 2 been revealed?

While details are scare, it's thought the new series could feature an entirely new cast and storyline around the same themes, in the same way US TV series American Horror Story starts a new story every series.

Deadline reports: "Season two will be a different and self-contained story."

The new series will be produced by Herzog & Co and Los Angeles Times Studios, with executive producers Mark Herzog, Christopher G. Cowen and Alexandra Cunningham, of Desperate Housewives fame all on board.

Who was Dirty John?

Nicknamed Dirty John for the vulgar way he described having sex with women at college, the then 55-year-old was a serial offender who preyed on innocent women and used revenge porn as a form of extortion.

Criminal records showed John had spent time behind bars for stealing anaesthetic drugs from the hospital he worked at – and that he had three stalking injunctions from women he'd harassed.

Before Debra, Meehan was married to Tonia Sells, who was first to unravel his lies.


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