'Dopesick' Episode 6 Sneak Peek: Richard Sackler Wants to 'Hammer the Abusers' (Exclusive Video)

Like, hard

“Dopesick” examines how one company triggered the worst drug epidemic in American history. The series takes viewers to the epicenter of America’s struggle with opioid addiction, from the boardrooms of Big Pharma, to a distressed Virginia mining community, to the hallways of the DEA, the show’s logline reads.

It continues: “Defying all the odds, heroes will emerge in an intense and thrilling ride to take down the craven corporate forces behind this national crisis and their allies.”

The limited series is inspired by the bestselling book by Beth Macy.

In addition to Stuhlbarg as the bad guy, “Dopesick” stars Michael Keaton as Dr. Samuel Finnix, Peter Sarsgaard as Rick Mountcastle, Will Poulter as Billy, John Hoogenakker as Randy Ramseyer, with Kaitlyn Dever as Betsy and Rosario Dawson as Bridget Meyer. Guest stars include Phillipa Soo and Jake McDorman.

The six-episode series was written by Danny Strong (“Empire”) and directed by Barry Levinson (“Paterno”). Beyond Strong, Levinson, Keaton and Macy, executive producers also include John Goldwyn (“Dexter”), Warren Littlefield (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) and Karen Rosenfelt (“Twilight”).

New episodes of “Dopesick” roll out each Wednesday on Hulu.

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