Eamonn Holmes moans he isnt listened by Ruth Langsford on This Morning

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are known for bickering, but after a guest had a dig about their "great banter" on Thursday's show, Eamonn was on the defensive.

They had been talking about the weather, when their guest made the sly dig about their chat.

“Look, you heard Dave there, talking about you correcting me all the time!” said Eamonn.

Ruth insisted “Bants! It’s bants, he just said he loves the bants.”

Eamonn disagreed: “At least three viewers have been in touch with me, and said ‘Eamonn, she doesn't even let you speak’, they say.”

As Ruth raised her eyebrows he continued: “My mother is one of them."

"My mother says it, ‘Son, it used to be that you were listened to on that programme. Now…’ he shrugged.

Ruth insists she “listens when you’ve got something interesting to say.”

“You should be in our home life and see what happens then.”

Ironically, later in the show Eamonn was shouting over Ruth when they were talking about food tax, repeatedly saying “darling” and saying she was wrong when it comes to food shopping.

Fans have been thrilled to have the bickering couple back, after it was revealed that they are covering Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield for the summer holidays.

It had been thought that Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond might be on after they replaced Eamonn and Ruth for the Friday shows.

Fans love their arguments though.

“I’m so glad Eamonn and Ruth are back. How I missed their bickering” tweeted one.

“Oh Ruth and Eamonn I’ve missed your bickering, it’s so good to have it back” added another, with a clapping emoji.

“Bickering like your mum and dad!” jokes another.

The couple regularly disagree, but viewers seem to love it.

They even managed to squabble over whether cats or dogs were better, too, before sharing pictures of viewer's beloved pets.

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