EastEnders fans fear Tiffany will be killed by violent Aaron as exit confirmed

EastEnders fans suspect newcomer Aaron Monroe is a secret killer after he was seen washing blood from his hands in Tuesday night’s episode.

The bad boy arrived in Walford last week as Harvey Monroe's wayward son and it's clear he is involved with something shifty.

Tuesday's episode saw Aaron trying to win over love interest Tiffany Butcher after leaving her at the club the night before.

After Aaron takes her on a date, he suddenly leaves mid-meal insisting he needs to “work” after getting a mysterious phone call.

Throwing down a bunch of money, he told her to go out with her friends and that he would make it up to her.

"I really like you, Tiff. I'm going to make this up to you. I promise," he insisted.

Later, Aaron was shown arriving home, and while he kept his father Harvey distracted talking about his date with Tiffany, he texted an unknown number "it's done".

In shocking scenes, he then discreetly walked over to the sink to wash blood off of his hands.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to speculate about his motives, with some fearing for the safety of Tiffany.

One wrote: “Omg Aaron, what has he done? Nasty expression on his face too! #EastEnders”

A second said: “Tiffany in some serious hot water with Aaron going down the line. He isn't to be trusted.”

Another added: “Aaron you naughty boy what have you got yourself into this time #EastEnders”

Tiffany was initially hesitant to date Aaron, but later had second thoughts about rejecting hum after spotting Keegan defending Dotty from a police inspection at the club, so she took Aaron up on the offer of a date at the chippy.

Fans took to social media to share their fears for Tiffany, who has been confirmed to be leaving the soap next year, with the actress revealing she has filmed her final scenes.

One said: "I'm scared for Tiffany, this new guy looks dangerous."

Another added: "Seems there is something really dodgy about Aaron ain't there? Tiffany best stay away."

A third asked: "OMG could Tiff actually be in serious danger potentially from Aaron? Hope not after everything else she's been through… The rape, Evie, obsession with her looks etc."

Maisie wrote on social media last month: "It’s time to say farewell to Tiff! I’ve grown up on EastEnders since 2008, and have learnt from the best over the past 13 years.

"I’m very excited for my next challenge and thank the BBC for the opportunity they gave me as a six-year-old."

Not much is known about Aaron’s character, except that he has a mysterious job in ‘logistics’ that means he’s very wealthy compared to his dad.

Upon his arrival, he quickly discovered dad Harvey had lost his job and made his feelings perfectly clear, thinking his dad shouldn’t have been sacked for his racist comment towards Ash.

EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One.

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