EastEnders fans spot blunder as the back of the set is visible as Sonia Fowler answers the door – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans spotted a jaw-dropping blunder – when the back of the set was visible when Sonia Fowler went to answer the door.

Just to the right of actress Natalie Cassidy was the back of a wooden false wall with a warning to the cast and crew pinned to it.

The piece of white paper bore four large rows of type reading: "DO NOT SET AND STRIKE" with another smaller warning underneath.

The piece of set was exposed when Sonia walked out of the lounge, where Dot Cotton had been complaining about the night's TV.

It formed part of the action on Friday's night's episode – but whizzed past so fast that many viewers missed it.

As the doorbell rang,  Walford icon Dot asked tersely: "Oh, who's that?"

Sonia offered: "Shall I get it?" before striding out to the hallway – past the glaring piece of wooden set.

The bare wall wasn't visible when Sonia returned with two police officers, when the camera was trained in close enough that it wasn't visible.

"Can we have a word?" they asked Martin before quizzing him over a string of car thefts.

He denied ever leaving the house except to get some chocolate, leaving the sceptical cop asking: "Can anyone vouch for that?"

Sonia suddenly appeared, saying: "I can. He went out just for those few minutes. Can't get rid of him."

However, once the officers had gone, she asked: "Did I just give you a false alibi?"

She seemed less concerned that she had just given viewers a rare behind-the-scenes look at a false wall.

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