EastEnders horror as Dotty Cotton kills Sonia to cover up money-making scheme?

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Dotty (played by Milly Zero) is desperate to get her hands on Dot’s (June Brown) money which she has given to Sonia (Natalie Cassidy). The EastEnders club owner wants to help her mother to overcome her drug addiction and needs the cash to do so. With the help of “Terry Cant”, (Brian Conley) who is in fact Dotty’s uncle Tom, she’s been conning Sonia into believing that Terry is her dad, hoping he will win over her trust and rob her of her money. Tuesday’s instalment of the BBC soap saw Terry having a change of heart and write a letter to Sonia explaining the truth. He planned to leave before she read the confession but suffered a heart attack. As Dotty frantically searched for the letter, she began to panic. Will she kill Sonia to protect herself?

In Thursday’s episode, a conscious Terry told Dotty to get her hands on the letters and remove them, or he’d reveal all to Sonia.

“I wrote Son a letter,” he explained. “Back at 25 – everything’s in there.

“You’ve got to go and get it before they see it.”

Horrified, Dotty replied: “She’s probably already there. Why didn’t you tell me this before, why drag me all the way here?”

Terry remarked: “Because Kathy [Beale, Gillian Taylforth] was here when I was texting.”

“First you’re going, then you’re not, then you’re telling them then you’re not,” Dotty fumed.

“How many times can a man change his mind in one day?”

Terry threatened his niece, stating: “I said I’d keep your name out of this.

“But if you don’t get that letter, I’ll change my mind about that, too.”

A worried Dotty raced back to Sonia’s and tore the kitchen upside down looking for the letter.

As it dawned on her someone must have taken it and read it, fear began to set in.

In her desperate state, could Dotty take drastic action?

She’s proved time and time again she can’t be trusted and is willing to do anything for money – could she kill Sonia?

Her dad Nick “Nasty Nick” Cotton (John Altman) was also calculating and cold-blooded, could Dotty have taken after him?

With her eyes fully on getting hold of the money to help her mum and herself, it’s possible Dotty will unleash her evil side and claim her first victim.

Dotty’s mum Sandy Gibson (Martha Cope) often goes off the grid when she’s back on drugs.

Growing more and more concerned for her, Dotty has decided she will use some of the money to help her mum out.

“The private rehab clinic called, and they’re going to take you in any day now,” she informed her wayward mother on Thursday’s episode.

“It isn’t going to work anyway,” she told her daughter. 

Dotty replied: “I’ve moved heaven and earth to get this sorted.”

Dotty doesn’t have much to lose after upsetting her only friend Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) by sleeping with her husband Keegan Baker (Zack Morris).

With no other family other than her formerly estranged mother, Dotty is probably willing to do anything to keep her in her life.

If Sonia has seen the letter, it won’t be long before Terry reveals Dotty’s role in the scheme.

Could Sonia attempt to confront the villain, only to end up in serious danger?

In a moment of desperation, Dotty might strike Sonia with something heavy, landing a fatal blow.

If she covers her tracks, there’s a chance she will still be able to get hold of the money she’s after with the help of Terry.

Could this be the end for EastEnders’ long-term character, Sonia? 

EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.

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