Eight huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Jamie Tate’s evil trick on Will and Belle Dingle’s horror stabbing

JAMIE Tate plans to sleep with Dawn Taylor and lures her dad Will to the house next week in Emmerdale as revenge against the mechanic.

Here’s the lowdown on Jamie’s twisted trick and everything else that’s happening in the Dales next week…

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1. Jamie tries to fire Dawn

Viewers will see Jamie snoop around in Dawn’s locker in search of some incriminating evidence next week, but find nothing of interest. 

Jamie later sits Dawn down anyway and tells her he knows she’s been meeting her dealer.

Dawn tells Jamie that she hasn’t been doing drugs, but has been earning some money by sleeping with clients. 

He’s shocked when she offers to sleep with him as well if it’ll keep him quiet. 

2. Jamie plays a trick on Will

The next day, Dawn flirts with Jamie, but they’re interrupted when an angry Will bursts in and warns Jamie to stay away from Dawn. 

Dawn worries her dad has only made things worse and begs him to apologise. 

He eventually does and Jamie agrees to think about not pressing charges. 

Later, Jamie takes Dawn up on her offer, before telling Mackenzie to get Will up to the house. 

Is he hoping the mechanic will walk in on him and Dawn?

3. Cain heads out for revenge 

Chas urges Cain to get revenge on Jamie for what he’s put Belle through. 

The next day, a furious Cain picks up a length of metal pipe and heads out, determined to teach Jamie a lesson. 

But Sam finds Moira and begs her to stop Cain before he does something stupid.

4. Mackenzie meddles

Moira confronts Cain at the Dingle barn, reminding him how guilty he felt after what happened with Joe.

But she struggles to calm him down.

But before Cain gets an opportunity to storm out, troublemaker Mackenzie pops out from the shadows and locks the pair together in the barn. 

What is Mackenzie up to?

5. Cain and Moira reunite

Alone in the barn, Moira begs Cain to forgive her for her affair.

But Cain reminds Moira that she broke his heart.

Viewers know that Cain still has feelings for Moira, but is too proud to admit it. 

Will the pair finally reunite in the barn?

6. Belle hears voices

Later in the week, Belle continues to hallucinate and is haunted by the ‘voice’ of Lisa. 

Struggling to work out what’s real and what’s in her head, Belle quickly deteriorates as the voice of Lisa tells her she has to protect her family.

Meanwhile, Nate and Tracy prepare for their gender reveal party. 

The party kicks off but Lydia is confused when she realises that Belle has disappeared along with the cafe knife. 

7. A stabbing horror for Belle

Meanwhile, Belle wanders through the village with the knife in her hand, terrified that someone is after her. 

Back at the Woolpack, Cain realises that Belle hasn’t been taking her medication.

Sam frantically calls the police as they realise Belle has taken the knife.

Everyone heads out to search for Belle, terrified she could be in danger. 

Meanwhile, convinced Jamie is chasing her, Belle runs through the woods.

Emmerdale has revealed that the voice of ‘Lisa’ will then tell Belle to use the knife to protect herself.

Might someone end up getting hurt?

8. Charity spirals 

Emmerdale has teased that Mackenzie humiliates Charity next week, but how exactly he does that remains to be seen.

But it’s a blow for Charity and she later turns back to the bottle.

When Chas sees what state Charity is in she tries to get through to her, but she fails as Charity continues to self-destruct.

Will Vanessa come to Charity's rescue?

Only time will tell.

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