Emmerdale fans spot CCTV footage blunder as furious Noah is cleared of raping Liv

EMMERDALE fans have pointed out a bizarre blunder after Liv Flaherty was confronted with CCTV footage showing her staggering about.

The character, played by Isobel Steele, feared she'd been raped after waking up covered in bruises and remembered tangling with Noah Dingle.

But she was forced to withdraw her accusation after Charity confronted her with video footage of the moment Noah found her – and was actually trying to help.

Brandishing her phone, she fumed: "You can't seriously think he's capable of raping someone. He's my son and he's innocent and I can prove it because it's all on here.

"That's CCTV footage from outside the garage, OK? I videoed the bit where… well, you can see for yourselves.

"Noah was on his way back from seeing school mates and that's when he saw you blind drunk falling over everywhere."

She then played the footage which showed Liv screaming: "Get off me Noah, you're hurting me."

The lad told her: "I was trying to help you. You can't stay here, you could have a seizure."

Ashamed, Liv told him: "I'm so sorry Noah. I can't believe that's me."

But many were distracted by the garage lot's CCTV, which wasn't just picture-perfect but had sound that captured exactly what was said.

Fans tweeted: "What cctv has sound??" and: "Sound on the cctv?"

Another asked: "I can't believe they have CCTV footage that clear…..what cameras are they using?"

However, one other insisted: "My CCTV has a sound function on playback. Not that I’ve ever used. Liv you bought into Gabby’s interpretation of events, her agenda not yours."

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