Emmerdale spoilers: Brenda Walker tells Bob Hope he'll die lonely as she insists she'll never take him back

The former spouses end up embroiled in a spat after Bob messes things up once again.

In a spoiler for tonight's show, Brenda -played by Lesley Dunlop – is seen clearing up the cafe when Bob – actor Tony Audenshaw – storms in saying he owes her an apology.

He admits that making a move on her and then later flirting with female customers in the Woolpack was: "Beyond insulting, it was stupid and it was selfish of me to expect anything from you."

Brenda quips back: "I am not your plan B, I am not a consolation prize here just to be picked up and put down like a toy."

He tries to reassure her: "It wasn't meant to be like that."

She says: "I loved you, really loved you" before breaking down into tears.

Gathering her strength she continues: "And for a minute the idea of us being together, all of us, just like we used to be – it felt right."

Seven-times-married Bob says in agreement: "I know, it felt right for me too."

But not taking any of it, Brenda questions: "Do you really think I can ever take you back after what you've done?"

"Even if I wanted to … which I don't because I've got more self respect than that."

Continuing to chastise him, she says: "You told me that I was the love of your life, you told me I was the best thing that ever happened to you."

She lambastes him: "We had something really good, we had family, we had love and you destroyed all that.

"You've ruined your life Bob and you're not ruining what's left of mine."

And in the final twist of the knife she declares: "You're going to die a very lonely man."

Clearly affected by the harsh words, Bob retreats in silence and leaves the café.

The tense exchange comes after Bob made a move on his ex-partner Brenda just days ago.

The former couple end up pushed together when Bob’s twins Heathcliff and Cathy fall ill.

Bob heads over to help Brenda look after the poorly pair and Brenda is secretly relieved that she now doesn’t have to go on a date with Doug Potts who she actually finds quite boring.

While sitting vigil for the twins the two end up bonding over a glass of wine together.

But later Doug is incensed when he spots Bob flirting up a storm with a group of women in the Woolpack.

Doug confronts Bob over his feckless behaviour and ends up punching him.

Bob and Brenda tied the knot earlier this year but Brenda quickly gave him his marching orders after realising he really wanted to be with Laurel Thomas.

Laurel and Bob had been having an affair behind Brenda’s back and she secretly hoped Bob would pick her over her love rival.

But when he did, she was left gutted after spotting Bob looking like he was on the way to the gallows in their wedding snaps.

He quickly shacked up with Laurel but she recently ditched him after realising she doesn’t love him after all.

Last month Bob was left in tears when he overheard Brenda bashing him to Doug.

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