Emmerdale viewers fear Graham’s murdered Ryan as he returns home with blood on his hands – The Sun

EMMERDALE viewers fear Graham Foster has murdered Ryan Stocks after he returned home with blood on his hands.

The former military man was surprised to find girlfriend Rhona Goskirk waiting up for him on the stairs when he arrived back late at night.

He reassured her he'd had a flat tyre and urged her to go back to bed before he went into the kitchen and washed his bruised hands.

It comes after Graham agreed to buy Ryan's silence after the youngster threatened to report him to the police for stealing money from wife Kim Tate's account.

Despite Graham insisting he was just taking what he was entitled too, Ryan countered that he should be using a lawyer to do it above board if that was the case.

Eventually Graham agreed to cut a deal with Ryan, but it's left fans worried he's got his revenge on him.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Is that blood on Graham's hand & if so whose? Ryan? #Emmerdale 🤔."

Another posted: "Omg wtf has he done it better not be Ryan 😱😱😱#Emmerdale."

A third posted: "Ooh who's Graham's been murdering? #Emmerdale."

As another asked: "Whose blood is it on Graham’s hands? #emmerdale."

Last week conniving Graham logged into Kim's online banking and discovered she has a staggering £455,100.000 in her Home Farm account and £150,088 in her Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits account.

After finally getting hold of the money, Graham told his accountant over the phone: "The cash went into my account earlier today, the rest will follow."

He then bumped into Rhona in the cafe who questioned why he's still working for Kim.

He replied: "I'm only there to get what she owes me. We need this cash to start again.

"I promise you, the minute we get enough, I'm out of there. We'll be set for life.

"But we have to keep it our secret, just for a few more weeks and then we've got the rest of our lives together."

Despite Graham's best efforts, later that evening Ryan noticed that money had been transferred without purchasing orders and asked Priya if he should tell Kim.

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