Emmerdale’s Paddy Kirk to lose vets in Al Chapman blackmail plot?

Emmerdale: Marlon tells Paddy about his money troubles

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Paddy Kirk (played by Dominic Brunt) could be set to lose to everything, including the vets and even wife Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) as Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) becomes a potential investor in the Woolpack. Desperate to keep him away from the pub and his wife, Paddy takes on a questionable job from Kim Tate (Claire King), leaving him in hot water. Will his brash decisions to keep Al at bay turn into something more disturbing?

In upcoming scenes, Paddy is in disbelief when he finds out that Marlon not only accepts Al as a potential investor in the pub but he also offers to sell him his entire stake.

Desperate to keep Al away from the Woolpack and as far from his wife as possible, Paddy finds himself outside Home Farm asking for Kim’s help to get rid of his rival. 

Paddy argues that getting rid of Al out of proceedings would be of interest to her, but she manipulates the vet in order to sweeten the deal for her. 

When a horse breeder tries to low-ball Kim over the value of her new stallion, Medicinal Brand, she realises she can use Paddy’s desperation ahead of an important race. 

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She offers an anxious Paddy a Faustian pact, which includes doping her racehorse in exchange for money to keep Al out of the Woolpack. 

Agreeing to her terms, a nervous Paddy is soon backed further into a corner when Kim warns him that this problem could become a lot bigger if her horse doesn’t win. 

Stressed, Paddy listens in to the horse race, and to his delight, Kim returns to the layby, pleased that her horse won the race, handing him an envelope of cash. 

Will Paddy be able to resist Kim’s offer to make this a regular assignment?

Or will Al find out the truth about Paddy’s illegal activities, manipulating him further? 

Speaking to press, including Express.co.uk, Dominic Brunt explained the surprising nature and behaviour of Paddy and what is to come from his illegal activities. 

Dominic spoke about the shock of Paddy’s behaviour and explained: “Normally he’d say no way and wouldn’t do it so, he’s put himself in this stupid situation where he’s had to do it, and he thinks he thinks he’s doing it for the right reasons.

“[He thinks] I’ll just do it once and that’s it, and Kim will give me the money, and that’s it but then because he’s done it once and Kim says well if you don’t do it again, it doesn’t come back to me and I’ll tell them you done it the first time,” he added. 

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He explained what, in fact, Paddy was actually doing to the horse, explaining: “Rather slowing the other horses down, he gives a booster for this horse in the hope that there’s not random testing I think he does it twice.

“And I think he’s thinking of not doing it ever again, after that just to get that money in however, Al finds out what he’s doing.”

He continued, pointing out the guilt that Paddy would have to live with, he said: “No, I don’t think he copes very well, I don’t know how he’s sleeping at night it’s a surprise he did it, and he thinks he did it for the right reason.

“I don’t think he thought it through very well at all, so I don’t think he’s sleeping at all, but then when Al finds out, he thought he was in trouble with Kim to ask him to do it again.

“And then all of a sudden Al finds out, of course, Al says well you can get out of it by selling the pub to me, and it’s the opposite of what he wanted.”

Dominic also expressed his opinion on the new dark side of Paddy: “I love it I like the other dimensions that come into play, what wouldn’t this character do and then let’s make him do it.

“I’ve really loved it, and we’d have a scene where somebody says something, and then it’ll end on you going, oh I’ve got to do this, it’s touched on a groove I didn’t know I liked before.”

Dominic teased about the revelations of Paddy’s actions and explained that all his lies and illegal activities all come to fruition, with everyone finding out the truth. 

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 
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