Everything to Know About 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Season 3 Before Streaming Season 4

It’s hard to believe we’re already gearing up for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s final season on Netflix, but season 4—or part 4, as it’s called—arrives on Netflix on December 31, 2020, just in time to give us something to watch on New Year’s Eve. But before diving into the eight new episodes, you might need a little something to refresh your memory. After all, it’s been nearly a year since part 3 was released, and so much happened.

Need a recap before catching up with Sabrina? Here’s what you need to know before watching the new season.

Hell was a big theme

When season 3 began, Sabrina, Harvey, Rosalind, and Theo ventured down to hell to save Nick Scratch after he sacrificed himself and was sent there to prison. Sabrina was able to free Nick, but she did have to take her throne as the queen of hell. This comes with all kinds of new responsibilities for Sabrina, like dealing with Caliban, the Prince of Hell, entrapping souls, finding the Unholy Regalia, and generally saving Greendale all over again.

There were a few love stories

Sabrina and Nick’s love story seems to have come to an end, and so has Ambrose and Prudence’s — and by the end of the season, it seemed like Prudence and Nick might actually start hooking up. Roz and Harvey are still going strong, and Theo has found love with Robin, one of the pagans who came to Greendale (more on that later).

You might also be wondering about one of the cutest relationships in the show, and I am happy to tell you that Aunt Hilda’s engagement to Dr. Cee is still intact. And as for Sabrina’s other aunt? Aunt Zelda kissed voodoo priestess Marie LeFleur, who helped her survive everything she went through this season… including getting stabbed by Faustus Blackwood.

The witches won the battle against the pagans


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Toward the beginning of the season, pagans descend upon Greendale under the cover of a traveling carnival, but they’re really there to resurrect the Green Man, a pagan god who they want to take over after the Dark Lord has fallen. To resurrect him, they have to sacrifice a virgin, and in Greendale, that includes Harvey, Theo, and Mary Wardwell. Yeah, it’s not good.

The witches now have to choose between worshipping the Green Man or dying, and neither of those is a great option. Despite the fact that Sabrina and her aunts try to stop this from happening, Harvey, Theo, and Roz all get captured, and Harvey ends up being the one who is sacrificed while Sabrina is trapped in stone. Fortunately, the magic of time travel is on her side, and she’s able to save Harvey as the witches defeat the pagans for once and for all.

Faustus Blackwood may have brought about the end of times

While all of this is going on, Faustus Blackwood ends the season with a pretty scary threat: He opens the golden time egg by stabbing it, declaring that this will not only end the Spellmans, but also “all things,” and he has Weird Sister Agatha working with him, too. This sets us up for everything that is going to happen in Season 4, and it sounds like it’s going to be quite an ending.

There are now two Sabrinas


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In the season finale, Sabrina is able to time travel after she wakes up in a time loop, and now, there are two of her: Past Sabrina and current Sabrina. She’s supposed to merge the two together, but she decides against it, finding a way to do it all, as she always does. With two Sabrinas, she can be a normal kid in Greendale and the Queen of Hell at the same time.

Sounds easy, right? Doubt it, but we’ll find out for sure in the new episodes. It’s hard to say goodbye, but it seems like we’ve got a lot of amazing episodes to look forward to for sure.

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