Everything you need to know about Line of Duty star Martin Compston's new BBC crime thriller Traces

LINE Of Duty's Martin Compston has branches out from his role as corrupt cop chaser in the new series Traces.

The acclaimed forensic crime drama will drop on the BBC this month after becoming a hit on UKTV’s Alibi channel and is sure to be one of the must-watch shows of 2021.

Compston gets to use his native Scottish accent playing Daniel, the love interest of lead character Emma Hedges (Molly Windsor) who is working to bring a killer to justice.

The show's official synopsis describes the show as set in Scotland inside the world of SIFA (the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science). 

"Traces introduces us to three compelling and very different female characters – Emma Hedges, Prof. Sarah Gordon, and Prof. Kathy Torrance – who together will use the rigors of forensics to uncover the truth about an unsolved murder case," the synopsis reads.

“When 23-year-old Emma Hedges returns to Scotland to take up a new position as a lab assistant at SIFA, she signs up to an online course which teaches the principles of forensic science."

The synopsis continues: “But she soon discovers that the fictitious case study has a strikingly similar and shocking link to her past. As Emma’s sleuthing takes her into darker corners and unpicks more and more secrets, it becomes clear that she should trust no-one.

“It will be Sarah and Kathy’s exacting minds that reward Emma’s faith in the science that has fuelled her imagination and who will ultimately bring a killer to justice."

BAFTA award winning actress, Molly Windsor, plays Emma alongside Laura Fraser's Prof Sarah Gordon and Jennifer Spence's Prof Kathy Torrance.

Other impressive actors on the cast list include: Michael Nardone,  Laurie Brett, Morayo Akandé, John Gordon Sinclair, Joana Borja, Anna Leong Brophy and Neve McIntosh.

The first of six episodes airs tonight on the BBC at 9pm, with the entire series available on BBC iPlayer after tonight's episode finishes.

Originally broadcast in 2019 on Alibi, Traces has picked up mixed reviews from critics.

The Guardian described it as a "shoddily written forensic drama is a case best left cold."

"From its nonsensical plot to its janky dialogue, the new crime series raises many questions, most of them starting with ‘why’," wrote critic Joel Golby.

But Metro's Sarah Deen loved Traces because it allows “the forensic side of the police work to take centrestage, rather than some broody policeman with a tortured past.”

The critic added that it “feeds directly into the true crime fascination. It’s the minutiae, the evidence that points one way or wildly in another that keeps people hooked.”

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