First Dates’ cringiest moments – walk-outs, wardrobe blunders and privates flash

First Dates is back on our screens with brand new episodes, which means a fresh batch of singletons will be looking to find their dream partner in the First Dates restaurant.

The hit Channel 4 dating show, hosted by suave Frenchman Fred Sirieix, has become a staple on British television since it first aired in 2013.

The match-making series originally took place at the swanky Paternoster Chop House in London, but last year it moved to Manchester during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brits across the country have enjoyed watching sparks fly on camera between strangers across the dinner table, but it's fair to say that the show has had its fair share of outrageous moments.

To mark the return of First Dates, the Star have rounded up the cringiest moments in the show's history, from epic storm-offs to ghastly wardrobe malfunctions.

Jade walks out on her date

Viewers were left fuming when a bold singleton decided to walk out on her date on national television.

Fashion assistant Jade, 23, was paired with 19-year-old Lewis, a part-time wrestler.

Their date didn't get off to the best start when Lewis revealed that he was a gym enthusiast, because Jade said that she didn't share his hobby.

It got worse when Jade immediately told Lewis that if he chose to eat the rabbit on the menu, she would "walk away right now", so he didn't choose the rabbit.

When Jade asked whether Lewis spends a lot of money on his outfits, he said that he didn't, causing her to roll her eyes at him and boast that she has "Louboutins that cost me £900."

Jade seemed to want to test Lewis when she asked him if he would buy her the shoes for her birthday, which he replied "NO! I would say, 'Are you high? Buy your own shoes!'"

Jade was fuming and replied: "You're supposed to spend it on me!"

The fashion assistant even spent time on her phone during the date which left the waitress baffled.

At one point, Jade was pointing out how different they were before Lewis said: "Maybe you need someone to teach you that you don't always get your own way."

She then shot back: "No, no, no, I get what I want when I want. So I get that."

Jade proceeded to claim that she was going to the toilet, but she ended up bailing on the date without even telling him about it.

Lucy's glaring wardrobe malfunction

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When part-time nanny and weightlifter Lucy met Caroline by the bar, the two hit it off instantly.

Unfortunately though, when things got a bit flirty, Lucy suffered a nightmare wardrobe malfunction in front of the cameras.

Before her date, petite Lucy, who was 4"11, wanted to show off her strength by picking up bartender Merlin.

Caroline decided to get competitive and show Lucy her own weightlifting skills, proceeding to pick up Lucy.

Things turned awkward though when Caroline snapped off the strap of Lucy's top as she picked her up, leaving her shoulders strap-less on one side.

Luckily for Lucy, restaurant buff Fred was on hand to patch up the situation with some duct tape and managed to fix her top so the date could continue smoothly.

Greig walks out on John and cuts their date short

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In 2017, Greig was brutally rejected by John on their date – with Greig walking out on him mid-meal.

Pub landlord John from Kilmarnock told the cameras that despite being a seen as a "big hard tough guy", he's got a "big heart" and sometimes cries during episodes of EastEnders.

Despite being a softie, he wasn't afraid to tell Greig from Falkirk that he didn't fancy him at all.

John confessed: "It sounds really bad but I don’t find you attractive. You’re a really genuine guy and we seem to get along, but I don’t have that connection with you.

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"What’s the point in staying and having main course and dinners…"

Greig was gobsmacked as he asked: "Do you want to cancel main course?"

John said: "It's up to you…"

Greig decided that he would cancel the main, and after paying his half of the bill, he walked out on John.

In heartbreaking scenes, John was seen staying to finish his meal and ate alone in the restaurant amongst the other daters.

Bella turns up to her date wearing latex and lube

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Viewers were left stunned when one brave singleton rocked up to the restaurant covered from head-to-toe in latex and lube.

Brunette beauty Bella quickly apologised to Merlin: "I'm sorry I've left your seat rather slippery."

When he asked why the seat would be slippery, she admitted: "Because I'm covered in lube, it makes it shiny.

The latex-loving lady then told Merlin: "Touch it here, see? It's shiny."

Merlin looked rather nervous as he replied: "I see."

Bella went on to explain that she loved "dressing up" and going out to parties, much to the excitement of her date.

He was absolutely floored when she told him that she had brought lube to polish her dress, and he let out: "Oh my f***ing lord."

Shannon reveals her 'oyster' vagina

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Zander was in for quite a shock when he met his date for the evening, Shannon.

The date got off to a racy start when Shannon revealed an intimate 'part' of her body.

Shannon had brought along an extremely unique item to show Zander, and passed him a mold of her own vagina.

At first, Zander didn't know that it was a mould of Shannon's private parts, but he was virtually speechless when the penny finally dropped.

Flustered, he quipped: " I didn't realise I'd see this much of you on a first date."

Jonathan lets loose his foot fetish

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First dates are full of surprises, and that's exactly what Krystle got on her date with Jonathan.

Jonathan wasn't afraid to admit his steamy bedroom preferences to her – and before dinner had even been served.

He told her that he had a specific kink in the bedroom, revealing that he had a foot fetish.

He told her: "There's a thing I haven’t mentioned though… I have a thing for toes."

Krystle was taken aback for a minute, but seemed willing to accept it.

He then quizzed her on her feet, asking her: "So… have you got nice feet?" to which she replied: "Yeah, alright yeah. I try."

The date turned even more racy when he continued: "So what if I was like… I want to see your feet."

Krystle told him that he would "have to wait" before any of feet-related encounters, but the date ran smoothly enough because the pair opted to see each other again.

First Dates Hotel couple spend the night together

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Things got extremely saucy between one smitten couple during a racy episode of First Dates Hotel, and it might've been too much for some fans at home.

In fact, Andrew and David had such a good time together that they decided to move things into the bedroom.

After their pulse-raising date, they shared a passionate snog on the sun beds before they decided to take the next step and go back to a hotel room.

In the sizzling scenes which unfolded, viewers watched the pair close the curtains as they started to undress and cuddle up to one another.

First Dates airs Mondays at 10pm on Channel 4.

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