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Followers of ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Have Mixed Feelings About Her Instagram Video with Sophia

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to criticism. Many people complain about the way she parents her daughter, Sophia. Some complain she doesn’t spend enough time with her, and others feel she exposes Sophia to things that aren’t age appropriate. In Abraham’s latest Instagram post, she uploaded a video of her and Sophia dancing. As usual, her Instagram followers had a lot to say about the video. Here are some of things the people of Instagram wrote.

Farrah Abraham has been promoting her Tik Tok videos

Abraham has been posting a lot of videos lately. Many ofthem have been videos of her dancing to songs on Tik Tok. In her latest video,she is dancing with Sophia. In the caption, Abraham said she’s not like othermoms because she’s a “cool mom.” It didn’t take long for the comments to startrolling in after Abraham posted the video to her Instagram account. Somefollowers criticized Abraham for her behavior.

One follower said Abraham should spend less time online and putmore energy into spending quality time with Sophia without involving socialmedia. “Oh Farrah, get help hon!! I am a mom also!! But when I wanna be a coolmom I don’t pop on the video as much. It’s about my kid, not me!! Especiallynot shaking my boobs on the video with my child!!” wrote the commenter. Anotherperson who seemed to think Abraham was trying to improve her image said makingvideos with your child doesn’t make you a good parent. “Spending time with yourkid does NOT qualify you as a good mom/dad/parent,” said the follower.

Farrah was criticized for taking the spotlight away from Sophia

Some of Abraham’s followers noticed she was prominently featured in the dance video. At one point, you can only see half of Sophia’s body while Abraham comes close to the camera and shakes her chest. “Aw poor baby girl got her spotlight taken. Smh. Let YOUR CHILD have one video without YOU,” wrote one of Abraham’s Instagram followers.

Some fans praised Farrah Abraham for making time for Sophia

There were a lot of mean comments under Abraham’s Instagrampost, but there will always be a few fans who chime in to offer some love. “FarrahI just love how close you and Sophia really are!!! Love it!!” said one person. Anotherfan thought Abraham’s interaction with her daughter was heartwarming. “This isadorable. Love it.”

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