‘General Hospital’s Hayley Erin Is Okay With Kiki’s Death, Ready To Close That Chapter Of Her Life

Hayley Erin is moving on to her next big project.

Everyone at General Hospital has said their goodbyes to Hayley Erin as her character, Kiki Jerome, was murdered by serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. While it looked like maybe the she would be able to juggle the ABC soap and her new gig on the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, The Perfectionists, it just couldn’t be worked out that way. Now the actress is dishing on what happened that led up to the final decision to kill Kiki.

Soap Opera Digest chatted with Erin in their recent issue about her feelings on what went down and her brutal departure from the show. SheKnows Soaps revealed some of the interview as she talked about how much she wanted her busy schedule to work with both gigs. Even Executive Producer Frank Valentini thought that maybe it would all work out. However, it just wasn’t going the way they had hoped. The 24-year-old said that leaving General Hospital behind was “the only option left.”

Hayley said that she wasn’t upset when she was told that Kiki would be killed off. In fact, she dished that she kind of felt relieved when she found out. She explained that everything worked out just fine as she moves on to another show.

“Everyone was really sweet and gracious about it, so I didn’t feel like I was being cast aside or sent off in some sort of negative way. It was sort of a cathartic way to leave and move on to my next project, the death of a character that I’ve been playing and living for all these years.”

The actress admitted how much she will miss her GH co-stars. It was hard to say goodbye, but she will be continuing those friendships that she has made over the years outside of this job. One of her important relationships includes her soap mom, Maura West. She was apparently not on set on Erin’s last day of work, but they have talked since then and will in the future as she moves on.

It sounds like Hayley Erin’s departure has been a surprisingly positive experience for her. Despite feeling bittersweet about leaving the GH set for the very last time, she said that her feelings driving away that day was “interesting.”

“It felt like I closed such a beautiful chapter in such a positive way that I could sort of take stock of it all and think about all the people I met there and what a positive impact they made on my life.”

Her fans are sad to see her go, but they will be able to catch her later next year on her new show on Freeform. You can still catch all of the drama this week on General Hospital as Kiki’s funeral will begin on Monday.

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