GMBs Rob Rinder cries as Susanna says hes broken after emotional campaign

Rob Rinder couldn't fight back the tears after he'd watched James Bond star Colin Salmon's emotional film to launch Good Morning Britain's One Million Minutes campaign.

The sentiment behind the charitable idea is that people will pledge their time to those who most need it rather than giving cash.

Every December the programme launches the same campaign in a bid to end loneliness – especially over the festive season when many families and elderly people struggle.

The tear-jerking video aired for the first time on Wednesday's show and host Rob Rinder, 43, could not withhold his emotion as he began to cry on the programme.

Introducing the campaign, Rob's co-host Susanna Reid, 50, explained: "Every December here on the programme we run a very special campaign.

"We don’t ask you to donate money, we ask you to pledge a little bit of your time to charities fighting to end loneliness.”

Rob added: "I really love this, it's called one million minutes and last year, you gave an unbelievable 87 million minutes of your volunteering time changing the lives of lonely people around the country."

Susanna continued: ""Every single minute makes a difference, and we are officially turning the pledge button on this morning as we launch this year's campaign.

"Now we have a very special film for you, it’s called Bob’s Back and is directed by a Bond star, let's have a look."

As the two presenters appeared on screens once again, tears began to stream down Rob's face.

Susanna remarked: "You're broken!"

Rob responded: "Second time watching. Just so you know, just watching that and how much it has affected me, and I’m sure every viewer, quarter of a million minutes have been pledged here."

The emotional segment follows Bob who had hidden in an allotment shed and appeared to be gripped by loneliness.

People emerge to create some joy, adding fairy lights and cheer as Bob emerges from the wood built shed with a beaming smile.

Susanna added "Allotments are really important to people."

In agreement with his co-star, Rob said: "They really are, just being alongside one another, now more than ever, also how important being alongside each other at Christmas as well."

Later on in the programme, it English actor and James Bond star Colin Salmon was unveiled as the director of the short film that touched the hearts of many across the UK on Wednesday.

GMB airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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