Good Morning Britain hit by hundreds of Ofcom complaints after Richard Madeley’s row with scientist

GOOD Morning Britain has been hit with hundreds of Ofcom complaints following Richard Madeley’s heated discussion with Professor Susan Michie.

The TV presenter,  65,  clashed with the scientist on Monday, July 5, over the end of lockdown restrictions during a debate alongside co-host Susanna Reid. 

Richard argued that they should be lifted, while Dr Susan, a British psychologist and scientist employed by SAGE, suggested otherwise.

In response Richard was accused of taking ‘cheap shots’ at Dr Susan as he started quizzing her about being a member of the Communist Party.

At one point he said:  “If your politics informs your sense of control, it’s not just a medical argument, but you have a political bent to want the state to tell people what to do.”

Those watching at home were unimpressed with his line of questioning and 145 people complained to the broadcasting regulator. 

At the time one person tweeted: “Very very disappointing to see Richard Madeley essentially quote a hit piece on @SusanMichie today on @GMB – suggesting her very sensible advice as a scientist was in some way compromised by her political leanings? WTF? This is misogynistic BS.”

Another added: “Richard madeley was totally unprofessional this morning. To question a Sage Scientist about their personal politics and then questioning whether it affects her scientific judgement and advice is straight out of a witchfinder playbook – get him off #GMB.”

While a further person remarked: “That ‘question’ from Richard Madeley was basically to challenge Susan Michie’s scientific credentials and accuse her of wanting to live in a dictatorship, she put him in his place, he is a dangerous man.”

Last month GMB was hit with complaints after Richard defiantly said that he and wife Judy would be going against Government guidance and travelling to France even if it remains on the amber list.

Ofcom received 66 complaints about the episode that aired on June 9.

Viewers complained about Richard's announcement that he would still travel across the channel despite the country being placed on the amber list.They also complained about Richard laughing as French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face on the campaign trail.

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