Good Morning Britain's Alex Beresford reveals vile trolling so bad 'he can't repeat it on air'

GOOD Morning Britain's Alex Beresford has been the victim of vile trolling on social media.

The presenter, 40, admitted that some of the comments he's received online are so bad "he can't repeat it on air" during a segment on the ITV breakfast show earlier today.

Alex and co-host Charlotte Hawkins were chatting to Dame Mary Beard when he made the revelation.

The historian, who made headlines when she took one of her trolls out for dinner back in 2014, lifted the lid on what she thinks should be done to make he internet a safer and happier place.

She told Alex and Charlotte: "For me it is a very simple principle and it would be nice to spread it wider, which is that you should only say to someone on social media, what you would say to their face.

"Sometimes you will be rude, we don't want a world in which no one is ever rude, that would be extremely boring.

"But the idea you hide behind the anonymity of social media, and letting out all your feelings of frustration. I am sure some of these guys, and it's not entirely guys who do this, I am sure they are sad souls. But we need to have a sense of basic politeness."

Rounding up her point, she said: "You speak on social media, like you, I think, as you would eyeball to eyeball, end of."

Mary's words resonated with the star and he admitted that he's been on the receiving end of some pretty disgusting comments.

Alex told the professor: "I completely agree with you, Mary, because some of the things I see on Twitter, well, I would not even read out on this programme.

"So yes, it is a shame social media has gone that way."

Alex isn't the only celebrity who has spoken out about their nasty online abuse.

Earlier today I'm A Celebrity champion Jacqueline Jossa shared cruel messages from vile trolls who called her "chunky" after her half a stone weight loss.

The EastEnders star said that the messages made her feel "so terrible" andshe felt like all her hard work had gone to waste.

Gemma Collins also recently spoke out about the same thing on the latest episode of Piers' Life Stories. 

The GC broke down in tears over the "terrifying" death threats she's received after shooting to fame 10 years ago on The Only Way Is Essex.

Interestingly, before his chat with Dame Mary Beard earlier today, Alex admitted that he's never watched his co-star Piers' show.

The meteorologist appeared to reignite his ongoing feud with the broadcaster as he told Charlotte: "I've not actually watched any of Piers' Life Stories before…"

Alex's bombshell comes just weeks after the pair clashed on air after Piers introduced Alex's weather segment by jibing: "He is far from being the greatest weatherman of all time."

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