Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard red-faced after Susanna Reid unearths clip of him pole dancing with Dannii Minogue

GOOD Morning Britain's Ben Shephard was left red-faced after Susanna Reid unearthed a video of him pole dancing.

The presenter, 46, was ribbed by his co-star, 50, after he admitted to having a dance degree on a podcast.

However, Susanna was reminded of the time Ben went pole dancing with Dannii Minogue as she promoted her single Put The Needle On It on GMTV.

Susanna said: "This is for people that don't realise Ben Shephard is qualified to do Strictly Come Dancing because he did a degree in dance, which he admitted to Kate Thornton in her White Wine [Question Time] podcast.

"It's come as an enormous surprise to many people but not to those of us who know what a fantastic dancer he is.

"And somebody has just been in touch with Ben to say you have missed out the most impressive piece of dancing – which is when you went pole dancing with Dannii Minogue. Oh, we can find it in the archives, though."

Ben looked embarrassed as the clip played, which showed the presenter struggling – but doing well – as he moved on a pole with the popstar.

Ben said: "You can't get away with anything these days, can you? I think that's issue as well.

"Because Dannii's single at the time, she was pole dancing, so she invited me along. Her musical single!

"Look, can I just say, by the way, the tricky thing about that was explaining the thigh burns to my wife at home. She said, 'What have you been doing at work today?' I said, 'Well…'"

Susanna chimed in: "I went pole dancing with Dannii Minogue, of course! That's very impressive thigh strength."

Ben added: "It's some of the toughest core control that you can have. And that was a happy memory, the good old days. Do you remember when you could go pole dancing with celebrities Susanna?"

Susanna started laughing, before saying: "No! But I'm looking forward to them returning."

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