Gossip Girl reboot fans slam the show's teachers as 'predatory losers' for their 'deranged' antics in episode 1

FANS of the new Gossip Girl reboot quickly took issue with one set of characters on the HBO Max series when it premiered on Thursday: The teachers.

Viewers of the show, which acts as a sequel of sorts to the original CW version, slammed the high school teachers as “predatory losers” for acting in such a “deranged” manner toward the students in episode 1.

WARNING Contains spoilers from Gossip Girl (2021) episode 1

Not wanting to go down the exact same route as its original namesake, which made stars of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, among others, the new Gossip Girl revealed the anonymous blogger’s identity at the very start.

And it’s not just one poster but multiple – the teachers at Constance Billard/St. Jude’s – and they’ve moved from a website to an Instagram account.

The school professionals decided to bring back Gossip Girl, which had been dormant for almost a decade (since the original series ended in 2012), to teach the teens a lesson after they were bullying the teachers.

The adults chose to bully them right back – though, anonymously – and fans blasted these teachers for not knowing any better and for coming after the students with “stalking” and others “gross” behaviors.

Former fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson leads the pack as Kate Keller, who keeps hold of the account and manages all of the posts, mimicking the voice of the original GG creator, Dan Humphrey.

Referencing Kate, who went the “cyberbullying” route after one too many quips and threats from Monet (Savannah Lee Smith), one fan wrote on Twitter: “That one literally deranged teacher after monet called her poor #GossipGirl”

Another angry viewer said: “All the teachers in the #GossipGirl reboot are predatory losers who are upset that 16 year olds have more power than they do… like get a life.”

A third slammed the adults, complaining: “The teachers on gossip girl are straight up weirdos like why are yall spending yall spare time stalking minors and running an insta page”

Some of the antics that fans felt “crossed a moral boundary” included starting drama between queen bee and influencer Julien (Jordan Alexander) and her estranged half-sister Zoya (Whitney Peak) by leaking that Zoya didn’t earn her school scholarship, Julien got it for her.

This put a crack in the rest of Julien’s friend group, as she’d lied to them all and said she’d never interacted with Zoya before she showed up as a freshman at their school.

It also hurt the sisters’ relationship since Zoya thought she earned the spot because of her drama talent.

It was only made worse when one of the teachers – Adam Chanler-Berat’s Jordan – stalked Zoya and Julien’s boyfriend undressing in apartment to get out of their rained-on clothes and took pictures of the teens through the window.

“Them predatory a** teachers taking pics of teenagers while undressing irk me the f*** out #GossipGirl,” one grossed-out fan wrote.

A second said: “These teachers are sick in the head”

“It’s so deranged and toxic,” another tweeted about the whole situation.

Others told the teachers that they “need to grade some papers and set some syllabi” instead of “stalking and exposing teenagers.”

The Gossip Girl 2021 cast also includes Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, and Kristen Bell, who is back as the show's narrator.

The reboot premiered with its first episode on HBO Max on Thursday, and episode 2 will come out next Thursday, July 15.

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