Grantchester season 6: Will Davenport star Tom Brittany shares challenging scenes

Grantchester: Kacey Ainsworth confirms series 7 is filming

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Grantchester is back for the sixth season and the village is already dealing with some of its biggest problems yet. The ITV series is known for pulling at the heartstrings and season six is already proving to be doing the same. caught up with stars Tom Brittany and Robson Green to talk about some of the more challenging scenes of the season.

Season six of Grantchester is already well underway and fans are enjoying the return to the not-so-sleepy village.

The new season has kicked off with Geordie (played by Robson Green) and Will (Tom Brittany) enjoying a well-earned holiday.

Peace didn’t last long, however, as the town is already caught up in a new scandal.

Times are changing in the village, as the dawn of 1958 is bringing with it a lot of upheaval.

With it comes Geordie and Will at two ends of an ideological battle, one that looks like it could lead to the pair struggling to reconcile their friendship.

Both Green and Brittany are firm friends in real life, leading to some of the most challenging scenes for the actors to have filmed in the show’s history. recently talked to the stars, with Brittany admitting it was difficult filming some of the storylines in season six.

Brittany explained: “Because we’re such best mates in real life, like our characters, a couple of things happen that really threatened to tear our friendship apart.

“So, I think the most challenging thing was to have scenes erupt and where, where maybe our friendship, it wasn’t so good, and there’s bits where we become quite distant from each other.”

Brittany joined the cast back during the fourth season of the series and has quickly become a fan-favourite.

Grantchester’s new vicar brings a youthful optimism to balance out Geordie’s realist worldview.

It is the differences between the characters that have led to their close friendship, but when a moral debate ripples through the town, the pair may struggle to get along.

Brittany continued: “So I guess it was challenging in a way but I remember there was one scene where we were rehearsing.

“It’s quite a tough scene, and both you and I were crying, like tearing up feeling sorry for our characters we weren’t speaking to each other properly anymore, and I was like, oh no, I want us to be friends again!”

The emotion plays into the intensity of the season, something Green was well aware of going into it.

“It’s an intense series,” Green explained, “It’s incredibly powerful probably one of the most powerful, it is probably the most powerful.

“I think underlying levity is always there, humour is always there, likeability is always there and because it’s a great, fun TV series, it’s incredibly entertaining.

“However, this is why I think it’s so popular, it has truth, and the grit, and the depth and colour and the light and shade. That’s the reason why it’s so popular.”

Season seven is already in production and has been filming for several months.

Both upcoming seasons have been created back to back, meaning there will be a much shorter wait this time around.

While there is no release date for the seventh season, fans can rest assured it is coming soon.

While the plot for the rest of season six is unconfirmed, fans should expect Geordie and Will to be close friends again ahead of the sixth season.

Grantchester season six airs weekly on Fridays at 9pm on ITV. The sixth season will premiere on October 3 at 9pm on PBS in the USA.

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