Grey's Anatomy season 17 could include BLM protests as star teases time jump

Grey’s Anatomy star Giacomo Gianniotti has opened up on season 17 and how it will tackle the coronavirus pandemic and the social unease of 2020.

Just recently, the show’s executive producer Krista Vernoff revealed that the team are working with real-life doctors to provide an accurate take on the global crisis.

And now, the Dr Andrew DeLuca actor has shed more light on how they will approach the events of this year.

When chatting with Entertainment Tonight, he said: ‘We’re going to start the season about a month and a half [into] full Covid, so it’s going to take place a little beyond where we left off in the last season.

‘We might have some flashbacks. We might have some things where we’re referencing last season, just to have context leading up. But we are going to have a little leap when we start this season in terms of time.’

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The 31-year-old then turned his attention to the Black Lives Matter protests that happened following the death of George Floyd who died when a policeman knelt on his neck.

‘I’m just speculating at this point,’ he confessed before adding: ‘All the writers and producers have said they’re really interested in telling the stories of everything that has been going on with the Black Lives Matter movement during this time and it’s certainly something that, whether it’s the first episode or the second… They’re very interested in telling people those stories.’

Vernoff has previously hinted at what’s to come in the next few episodes, and how Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) will play a huge role in the pandemic.

She said on the Quaranstreaming: Comfort TV That Keeps Us Going panel (via Entertainment Weekly): ‘Every year, we have doctors come and tell us their stories, and usually they’re telling their funniest or craziest stories. This year, it has felt more like therapy.

‘The doctors come in and we’re the first people they’re talking to about these types of experiences they’re having. They are literally shaking and trying not to cry, they’re pale, and they’re talking about it as war — a war that they were not trained for.

‘And that’s been one of our big conversations about Owen, is that he’s actually trained for this in a way that most of the other doctors aren’t.’

Dr Hunt’s backstory hasn’t been approached all too often, however, the series has made it clear that he had previously served in the army before he worked at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

It’s said that Dr Hunt was discharged from the service after his entire platoon died.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on E4 in the UK and ABC in the US. 

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