Holby City spoilers: Dom rushed to surgery after horror accident on date and Donna's budding romance takes dark turn

DOM is rushed to surgery after he goes on a date and has a horror accident next week in Holby City, while Donna’s budding romance takes a sinister turn.

Dom was rushed into theatre only last week after crashing his car while looking for Jodie. 

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When Jodie walked out in front of him, Dom swerved and hit a loaded skip – and a metal pole impaled his abdomen.

Next week’s episodes of Holby City will see a recovering Dom grow frustrated when Ange refuses to allow his discharge from hospital.

Later, Dom takes matters into his own hands and persuades Sacha to help him get out instead. 

Not wanting to reveal his stoma bag, Dom panics when he realises he’s bleeding.

Dom manages to make it to hospital but his condition deteriorates rapidly when he gets there. 

When Dom is told he now needs further surgery, he reaches rock bottom and takes his anger out on Sacha.

Sacha eventually agrees and Dom heads out on a date, where he begins drinking heavily.

Meanwhile, Donna begins to question the validity of her relationship with Alex.

But when she expresses her concerns to Alex, he assures her he hasn’t felt this happy with anyone for a long time.

However, Alex is unsettled when he discovers that a patient seems to know an awful lot about him. 

Alex is shocked when he discovers Bobby’s real identity.

Who is the patient and what does he know about Alex?

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