Hollyoaks spoilers: Mandy frets as Darren takes action to protect Kyle's memory

Hollyoaks’ Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) was left shattered when pal Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickett) took his own life in a tragic storyline earlier this year.

Kyle was last seen closing the blinds of his home after giving Nancy (Jessica Fox) her dream day, with those closest to him dealing with the devastation ever since.

In upcoming episodes, viewers will see Darren go to extreme lengths in a bid to preserve his memory.

And his actions leave Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jayne Dunn) concerned. 

Next Wednesday’s instalment of the Channel 4 soap show him distracted, with Mandy fearing that he isn’t coping well with the loss.

Things come to a head when he obsesses over protecting some duck eggs by the river, insisting that he’s doing this to keep his pal’s memory alive.

This leads a worried Mandy to read his diary – but what will she find in the pages?

Darren previously opened up about his mental health following Kyle’s death, explaining that he had previously contemplated taking his own life.

Speaking about the storyline in the past, Ashley explained that it was the ‘most important’ plot he had dealt with in Hollyoaks.

‘This storyline makes me proud of what we do. It’s been very strong and definitely the best, most important work I’ve ever done on Hollyoaks,’ he told Radio Times.

‘We all look inward when we’ve got problems, and being in lockdown has really taught us, myself included, about anxiety. It’s a natural thing. We don’t give ourselves credit for what we go through in everyday life, but we need awareness of how people are feeling. 

‘Everybody needs to be more sensitive, especially now with what’s happening in the world.

‘We can relate to this story more than ever now, and the response from the audience has been overwhelming. To get strong feedback and hear people open up is incredible.’

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